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Couldn't pass these up, my first Edward Green! Upper is in very decent shape, though a total restoration is needed. [[SPOILER]]
Looking for some insight/review/commentary on Drake's shirts.
Popped my Etro cherry today as well. Gorgeous scarf, but small. 12" x 44".
PRL hand knit and NWOT/current Robert Talbott tie.
Passed a Hermes scarf (looked real but $150) and a Harmont & Blaine jacket (outerwear made in Italy). Couldn't find much information about H&B. Anyone had success with them?
That's very common. And also why you need to check the women's suit/blazer/outerwear sections.
This is clothing 101. Yes, it's a woman's. Hope the store takes returns.
AS for O&S snuff suede crepe sole chukka.
Holy balls. Weekend plans have changed from nothing to emptying my closet to make room and $ for one of these.
Both NA.No name PS. Silk. Made in Italy. Hand rolled edges.AE Chester wingtips. In fantastic shape. Fill a hole in my wardrobe, but I doubt they'll get much wear. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: