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Good luck on the MCAT. I took mine a few weeks ago and am still waiting on my scores. Stay calm. It's really easy to get freaked out during the test.Also, that Canali Kei is awesome.
Exactly. Also pre-RLPL made in England.
For an XXL, Bills Khaki navy shetland sweater (saddle shoulder, made in the USA, I own one it's great). $40 down from $225 on Rue La La.
Just swung back to the store. It was an 18H and upon some cursory research not that desirable. Especially at the price they were asking. I was crossing my fingers it would be an 88H.
Musical instrument guys, is a Conn trombone worth picking up? What features/attributes should I be looking for?
Wow wow wow. I love Luciano Barbera. I would be all over this if it was my size.
Dave, Any chance of another round of A1 Ring Jackets this fall/winter?
I'd like to see 1) bigger pictures or have the option to right click and magnify the pic 2) good product description (materials, features, origin, construction etc. 3) at least basic measurements, but the more the merrier.Also, fuck copy (I'm looking at you, Carson Street Clothiers). Instead, use that time to take better pics and post measurements. If not, at least have a decent return policy. In fairness to CSC, they do.
That's not a snap-t. A snap-t has a chest pocket that snaps close.
Do it. I thrifted this jacket (though an earlier model with different style pockets) and love it.
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