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I needed this - what a shitty fucking terrible day at work. Only one item at one stop but it's EXACTLY what I need: dressy summer trousers. I considered Eidos' Sal pants from NMWA but never pulled the trigger. Thankfully I didn't because I saved myself $250+. RLPL in cream linen with side adjusters. NA.
Likely John Varvatos. I love Howard and listen religiously, but he has always dressed like shit.
LE knits x 3Current ZegnaIncotex x 4. All flat front. Three are 38.Summer loafers for me - AE MaxfieldNWT Ike Behar unstructed sport coat. Made in Italy. Quarter lined. Patch pockets. 75% off at consignment which came to under 5% retail. [[SPOILER]] Britches fur collar DB topcoat. This is for me. @eazye, look for a fur collar topcoat thrift fit challenge in 6-8 months. [[SPOILER]]
The suit looks great. Don't overthink this. Brown, burgundy, suede, black - it all works. You're better dressed than 99.9% of men in the world.
Don't have those but I use these for my balmoral boots.http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF817_1_40000000001_-1?style=817
Their NY Slim Fit is the best fitting OTR shirt (at least on me) I've ever bought. True the sleeves need to be shortened, but that's a minor alteration.
Someone take these off my hands. I'll sell them at cost + shipping. Not sure of the brand, but NWT, unhemmed and made in the USA. Fabric is a light peach cotton, perfect for summer, though slightly see through. Double reverse pleats. 34" x unhemmed.POP! LBM 1911 cotton/linen glen plaid. Full priced at consignment, but very reasonable. [[SPOILER]] Borrelli for Bergdorf Goodman.Only pair of Bills I picked up out of the 15+ double reverse pleats on sale.John Varvatos flannel...
Not sure how it compares to the Ciro.
No mas. S/S clothing budget is tapped - just ordered my second Eidos jacket in 40ish days. Antonio and Greg, I love my Lorenzo suit but this new cut is perfection.
One quick stop: Holland & Sherry St. Andrews blazer buttons PRL made in Italy braided tassel loafers
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