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Fuck all of you. You're all on fire and this has been the driest two months in my four years of thrifting.
Spoo, You keeping that fabric for yourself? I thought you're strickly RTW.
I hear yah bro. The last two months have been dry as a bone.
Glad I kept the NMWA bags. They sure do come in handy when moving.
Eidos! That's definitely a thread first. I don't have any of their shirts but I have two sport coats and they're PHENOMENAL.
Chicago bros, Outlets near O'Hare worth my time? I have a few hours to kill and within walking distance. Feel free to PM.
Fourth of July e-thrift.
Ricci pleated ties bring big money.
Wearing mine today. One of four pairs of shoes I've thrifted and kept. A great summer loafer.
How far along are you on this? How many more belts do you need for the area you're looking to cover?
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