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What? The only thing coming out of your mouth is hot air.One stop. One find. I've been wanting a burgundy grenadine for the better part of a year. Almost purchased one from CSC a week ago. Glad I didn't. Saved myself $100. N/A
Dude. He had a legit question.
Yup. I have a Trafalgar for PRL belt I picked up months ago.
Recent Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald Harris Tweed [[SPOILER]] Paul Stuart gatorBB braces
Guess you got hit by the tax man a litter harder than me. Under $450.This is my first piece of Isaia tailored clothing or outerwear, though I've tried on a few sport coats in store. (Also at the tailor. The changing rooms are the workrooms so if I see a really nice jacket I'll try it on to figure out my size in a particular brand. A tad unscrupulous, but it's not hurting anyone.)Personally, I love the fit and the lapels are gorgeous.Yeah crazy good price.
Got mine yesterday. Love it though I wish it was a bit longer.
Definitely want to second this. Eddie is a great seller with very fair prices.
Maybe it's the bourbon talking but I'm about to bid $2000 on this jacket only because I know I'll be outbid.Update: Did bid $2000. Still not the high bidder.
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