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That's mostly correct, but see this link: http://putthison.com/post/14619333055/brooks-brothers-sale-the-silentist-alerted-us-to
Very nice. Wearing that boot today too.
Yeah, slowly realized that. You live you learn. At least I'll break even, so it's a lesson that won't cost me anything.
Paid more than usual, but I'm pretty sure this is legit. Looks right, feels right. Plus, who is going to fake a Franco's (Richmond, VA men's store) label? [[SPOILER]]
Got it. I didn't see a size tag, but putting it on it feels like a medium. I'll post measurements tonight. It is available.
Some finds from a few days ago.Vintage L.L. Bean Baxter State 60/40 parka. Size medium. It fits great and is in great condition, but I hate buffalo plaid so this is available. [[SPOILER]] Filson Uplander chukka. In decent shape. 9.5 D. Available. [[SPOILER]]
Snooping through my dad's closet. Curious if anyone here can identify the maker: Neiman Marcus Made in Italy cashmere overcoat.
It's a medium and fit's me perfectly, but I don't think I'll get any use out of it. I'll offer it up here if I end up getting it Monday.Edit: I'm not at all informed vintage outerwear, so that was the reason I left it. They have a no returns policy, so I didn't want to get stuck with it if it ended up being a dud. Lesson learned. Thanks guys.
Nat, did I make a big mistake not picking this up? If I did I'll go grab it Monday.
ME! I LOVE IT! I've been looking at this exact tie on the PS website for months. I've been meaning to give a public shout out to tonylumpkin for the amazing deal he gave me but I've been swamped and haven't sent him his trade yet. Fail on my part.
New Posts  All Forums: