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Edit: Spoo beat me to it. http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0184/4336/products/seaward_tie_4_large.jpg?v=1364577309
This is for me. First time I've ever picked up Corbin. Fills a hole in my wardrobe - I'm light on summer SCs. Fit is perfect. Madras. Horn buttons, partial lining. No alterations needed. Full canvas. Color is closer to dark gray than navy.
Cherry Popped!Who's a 17x34 and likes Paul Stuart? All are flawless. [[SPOILER]]
Big shout out to evolutionofRW for a great deal on this RLPL scarf!
Yup. I have a few and the fit is stellar.NOT a thrift purchase but a local mens store had these at 70% off.
Wu-Tang is for the children.http://deadspin.com/wu-tang-is-for-the-children-1522620013
Made the PTO round up today for the second time ever. Strangely, both items included were W. Bill. Went from 11 views to 80 views in a little over an hour. Nice.
Prof, hook a brother up next time you see a good sale.
I'm on the verge of getting that Mac. If it snows tomorrow and I'm stuck at home, I see quite a few purchases being made (Mac, AS, C1924).
Lots of boring eBay fodder recently. What is this W. Bill. hat? I'm guessing, Scottish or English or Irish in origin. I only picked it up because it was 50 cents, W. Bill, and flawless.
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