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Ben Silver waterfowl and Boggi golfer ties. Both 75% off at consignment and both available. [[SPOILER]]
I bought the 9.5 Marlow cordovan penny loafers off Eddie in the previous iteration of this thread. They're completely unworn as they're a bit big on me. Eddie gave me his permission (Although it was months ago. I hope this is okay, Eddie) to list these here. Price: $315 shipped (USA only) Message me if you're interested and I'll send some pics. This is a sick deal for brand new Marlows. Don't hesitate.
Yes. One of my most unexpectedly high sales was a pair of well used Filson Uplander chukkas that sold for more than the brand new ones on the Filson website. They were the exact same Chinese made model.
You want Etro or Eton, not Enro.
Wool blouson Brown captoes Navy cashmere vneck Rancourt Hamilton boot
I should add that these were not at regular thrift prices. The store knew what they had, but I still got them at over 90% off retail. And, she let me know they've been sitting there for over a month!Again, thanks to AMProf. I'm working out a way to thank him for the tip.
Two weeks ago AMProf and I were messaging and he let me know about some Alden Indy boots at a thrift store I haven't been to. Cut to today and I'm in the area and decide to stop by. Low and behold these beauties are still there.Sorry, NA for now. [[SPOILER]]
Attolini tie for $9 shipped http://www.ebay.com/itm/BERGDORF-GOODMAN-WHITE-LIGHT-GREEN-SMALL-DOTS-ART-THICK-SILK-NECKTIE-TIE-MJL03-/400526945853?pt=US_Mens_Ties&hash=item5d41442e3d
Truth but I could never survive LA traffic.
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