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Truth but I could never survive LA traffic.
I was in the Neimans at Lenox (Atlanta) yesterday. Tons of Drakes (passed on two grenadines) Charvet Kiton Isaia Tom Ford Cucinelli all 60% off. I was drooling the entire time. The only things I did pick up were at the 70% off sale at H. Stockton: $6 marcoliani socks and $50 slim fit house label pants.You ATL dudes are luuuucky.
Finally, the number thing on my "to thrift" list since I started. Gloverall duffle coach IN MY SIZE! Gucci tie with thumb. [[SPOILER]] Passed on: wasted Gucci and Thomas Pink ties. Vintage Alden (with the funky symbol label) for Jos. A. Bank brown captoes that were cracked to hell.
The first Gitman shirt I've picked up in ages because it fit so well but I need some help with this. According to allplaidout this is an early GB. But it's slimmer and shorter in the body that anything Gitman I've ever seen except for Gitman Vintage. Am I correct in my thinking?NWT LL Bean Signature cotton shawl collar sweater. XXL. Available. [[SPOILER]] BB Makers houndstooth sport coat. Can't decide if I want to keep this. Perfect in the shoulders in the sleeves, but...
Next to a Mandelli quilted jacket, this is my dream piece of outerwear.
Just one store before I picked up some lunch.3 x Zegna, Breuer. All for Franco's here in Richmond [[SPOILER]]
Ron, are these going to be offered at Franco's? Also, I live in Richmond and curious about your company's current relationship with Franco's.
Awesome +2.
Good luck on the MCAT. I took mine a few weeks ago and am still waiting on my scores. Stay calm. It's really easy to get freaked out during the test.Also, that Canali Kei is awesome.
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