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Holy crap Bedoya was terrible. Klinsmann needs to start Zusi when we play Portugal.I can't recall the last time I saw 5 minutes of stoppage added at the end of each half.I was never a big Jones fan, but he proved himself last night. Really the only US player to have a good game.Also, where the hell was Bradley?
Men's Wearhouse has a line of suspenders called "Made in England". They are decidedly not made in England. I don't know if that's what you picked up, just FYI.
Too lazy to take pics, but any 15.5x32 who wants a slim fit, spread collar tux shirt (Ledbury) get at me.
Not surprised. I so wanted to be there.I have to give huge props to SeaGriffin for proxying for me. Real good guy. Do business with him.
[[SPOILER]] Lilly swim trunks for me
That's New England Shirt Company. They do private label shirts for a ton of brands - Unionmade, Haberdash, J.Press to name a few.http://www.unabashedlyprep.com/site/entry/new-england-shirt-company-factory/
Armoury Edit: Ambulance Chaser, I have a Google Map of all the stores (includes most of the ones mentioned) I plan on visiting when I'm in NYC. PM me if interested and I'll send you the link.
Now I'm regretting our trade.
ATLjon and TheNeedMachine: Sid Mashburn Warehouse Sale next weekend. Can a brother get a proxy?
Only find for today, WW Chan flat front charcoal flannels. 36x34. [[SPOILER]]
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