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3sixteen back on Yoox. $158. No codes I could find, but free shipping. Only sharing because I kopped a pair a month ago. These are SL-100X. Sizes 30, 31, 32 available. http://www.yoox.com/us/42320000wi/item?dept=men&tp=6624#cod10=42320000WI&sizeId=4
One of you XLs please hop on this. http://www.ebay.com/itm/PAUL-STUART-Made-in-Italy-Orange-Red-Lightweight-Cotton-Jacket-Coat-Size-XL-NR-/161192657751?hash=item2587d4c357
Spoo, happy to do it. This picture is about eight years old, so she's an old lady now but this is Knoxville and I. She's a very good friend's mini dachshund that I still see all the time. My girlfriend hates that Knoxy ignores her and follows me around.
Favorite shoe find to date. Devastated they don't fit. 11D.Rancourt for Rider Boot Co. [[SPOILER]]
Looks great.If this is offered next F/W in a longer length (psst, Greg), I'm a buyer.
Stiches (or anyone), How does the fit of Rota compare to Panta?
7 stores today and nothing. Though, this got delivered. Not in the price range of a usual ethrift posted in this thread, but I was thrilled when I purchased it to get a 100% cashmere NWT RLPL coat in my size for $350. Especially since it was mislabeled as Lauren Ralph Lauren. HOWEVER, I have to admit, I'm not 100% sure I'm going to keep it. It was advertised as 100% cashmere, but the tag in the listing is wrong and it's definitely 100%...
I wish this fit me. Badass J.Press topcoat. 38ish. [[SPOILER]]
Wes, You get that Esemplare jacket from Yoox?
That's incorrect. It's definitely mens.
New Posts  All Forums: