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Guys, I have to plug RAVE Fabricare. I e-thrifted a Canali Kei sport coat a few months back that had a soiled collar. Significantly brown and disgusting. I dropped it off at the best local dry cleaner and got it back in the same nasty condition. Desperate, I heard about RAVE from PTO and Dieworkwear so I sent it off to Phoenix. Just received it and the jacket is perfect. No indication it ever was as soiled as before I sent it off. Cleaning wasn't cheap but it was...
Recent, FU patterned Southwicks sell pretty decently. Just sold one for $90.
+1,000,000Can we all please shut up now? Buy the clothes or don't. It's that's simple. I'm a very happy Eidos customer and plan on buying a lot more in the coming years.Keep up the great work, Antonio.
Can't believe I have to follow one of the best finds of the year. One stop. Did pick up my Eidos jacket from the tailor for its inaugural wear tomorrow. Current Hickey Freeman wool/linen/silk blend. Dual vents. Allen Edmonds, Italo Ferretti and Polo
Last day in Charleston so the gf and I hit up the Ben Silver Warehouse sale. Nothing there was fantastically priced/I don't need more clothes but definitely some good deals to be had. This is Drakes with handrolled edges. Gorgeous. http://www.bensilver.com/Tie-Melange-Wool-Olive,26624.html#.Vc5bg9q9KSN Really wanted this but at 39R it was a bit tight in the shoulders. $450 down from...
I don't know if/how we could incorporate this but untagged scarves constantly baffle me. I never know if theyre cashmere or acrylic so I always leave them.
Agreed. Found a gorgeous linen shirt for a local mens store that fit me perfectly everywhere except for the shoulder seams. Had to pass.
Bullock & Jones bow tie and vintage grenadine for me. My jaw was on the floor when I found this. ALWAYS CHECK WOMENS OUTERWEAR! Incredibly, I found ANOTHER Ralph Lauren (University) polo coat across town but it was too moth bitten.
Very nice finds, but those aren't shell
Saul Alinsky? Really? How is this man a medical doctor?
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