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You know you have the sickness when you dream of thrifting two NWT Kiton sweaters, only to discover they're knockoffs when you get to the register.
Chipp wool knit tie NWT Hertling for Ledbury cream cotton flat front slacks. 30x36.
TIM HOWARD!!! Been very impressed with Yedlin. Chris Wondolowski could have been American hero.
True thrift, though higher than normal thrift prices.
Uninteresting Ebay fodder from the last week not pictured. NWOB Stubbs & Wootton needlepoint slippers.
34 is just too tight all around. 36 Walt is perfect for me.
Bought these during the recent Epaulet sale. I thought they'd fit if I let out the waist, but after putting them on it was apparent the thighs are too tight. Only tried on. Unaltered. Tags still on. $90 includes USPS Priority shipping in the CONUS and all Paypal fees.
One store this weekend This
Zegna and Peter Blair. Never seen a Zegna with this keeper or text near the seam. [[SPOILER]]
Holy crap Bedoya was terrible. Klinsmann needs to start Zusi when we play Portugal.I can't recall the last time I saw 5 minutes of stoppage added at the end of each half.I was never a big Jones fan, but he proved himself last night. Really the only US player to have a good game.Also, where the hell was Bradley?
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