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First time I've checked this thread since January 20th. 5893 unread posts. Someone want to give me the 4 1/2 month recap? Kidding. Just one week from the MCAT. I can't wait to hit the thrifts HARD after this fucking test.
Fuck trends. Wear what you like. Wearing or not wearing clothes because of "trends" is the douchiest thing imaginable.What's douchey about these?
Am I over thinking this? My grandfather's vintage Brooks Brothers satin bowtie doesn't match the grosgrain lapels of my tuxedo. This might be one of those "fuck the rules" moments, but I can't make up my mind.
+1. The NM at Lenox is ridiculous. SM is always a great place to hit. Also consider H. Stockton. I'm not that familiar with their suit/sport coat offerings, but they have great accessories.
Wingham loafer bought brand new at a thrift store on Tuesday.
I picked up the Polo tux for $600. Double forward pleats but I'm not picky, especially since I wear a tux once or twice a year.
Looks great. I'm going to DC this weekend to get the exact same jacket.
All true. But the maker could also be Martin Greenfield.
Am I the only one who doesn't find this that shocking? I was in a fraternity. Similar things were said, although certainly not to the extent as in this girl's email. What's bullshit is that people feel like forwarding emails like this to Gawker. I love Gawker and read it daily, but society's desire to share everything (as I write this on a menswear forum) drives me crazy.
I live in Richmond and want to support local entrepreneurs, especially menswear based, but I can't bring myself to like Ledburdy. Cuttingboard, like you and others have said, the styles are all plaid or gingham, they have few button down collars and everything is too slim. A few weeks ago I wrote about visiting their store and trying on their new line of pants. I was very impressed with the fit, but was immediately disappointed once the salesperson said they're going to...
New Posts  All Forums: