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Cherry Popped!Who's a 17x34 and likes Paul Stuart? All are flawless. [[SPOILER]]
Big shout out to evolutionofRW for a great deal on this RLPL scarf!
Yup. I have a few and the fit is stellar.NOT a thrift purchase but a local mens store had these at 70% off.
Wu-Tang is for the children.http://deadspin.com/wu-tang-is-for-the-children-1522620013
Made the PTO round up today for the second time ever. Strangely, both items included were W. Bill. Went from 11 views to 80 views in a little over an hour. Nice.
Prof, hook a brother up next time you see a good sale.
I'm on the verge of getting that Mac. If it snows tomorrow and I'm stuck at home, I see quite a few purchases being made (Mac, AS, C1924).
Lots of boring eBay fodder recently. What is this W. Bill. hat? I'm guessing, Scottish or English or Irish in origin. I only picked it up because it was 50 cents, W. Bill, and flawless.
I've never had any issues (ie color loss) using the "method", but I also was never trying to remove a red dot.
SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT that's awesome.Today's finds:Luciano Barbera tie (my second LB ever) [[SPOILER]] Ben Silver spread collar (And of course in the process of taking the tag off I poke myself with the staple and bleed on the collar. Thankfully my girlfriend is smart and removed the blood with hydrogen peroxide. Direct quote, "I get enough period stains on clothes. I know how to remove blood.")Hackett (first for me)
New Posts  All Forums: