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I don't get it. I think the Indy boot is 100x better looking.Also, Drakes occasionally pops up on STP.http://www.sierratradingpost.com/drakes-silk-tie-dots~p~58235/?filterString=drakes~b~4547%2F
Saw this when I woke up. Those Finamore shirts would be gone if they were my size.
BIN with offer starting at $200 higher than he paid. True, he might have broken even or he might have even lost money. Bottom line, he has I'm over this. From now on, if I'm selling something, thrifted or not, I'm coming here first. Every single person I've bought/sold/traded with here has been nothing but generous and pleasant to deal with and you are the people who deserve first crack.
I don't mind that at all. Maybe I'm naive, but when I've bought things on SF and they didn't work out, I don't sell them on the forum for a $200 profit.
Am I SoL and pissed without recourse or were there some SF/ebay rules broken? So, I gave someone on SF (not a thrift thread poster) a pretty good deal on a NWT Eidos Napoli coat. He in turn sells it on ebay for $200 more than he paid AND uses my pics in his listing. Maybe he didn't break any rules but I'm bitter as fuck right now and want this ass hat banned.
Brioni tie. Brooks Brothers 4 ply cashmere sweater. XXL. Unavailable at the moment.
Coat looks good, Eazy. Very sad that didn't fit me.
Wes, I see Nathan's all the time and never pick it up. I hope you do well with it.
Eazy, PLEASE PM me the next time you find a polo coat size 40-42.
Ben Silver madras for me [[SPOILER]] First time picking up a Reyn Spooner. Lets see how this goes.These are AMAZING! Lilly Pulitzer lizard print pants. 34 x 32/33ish. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: