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Isaia shirt bought on sale at a local mens store. Peter-Blair for a local hospital, Breuer in UVA colors for a bud and an Hermes. What's the best way to remove this stain?
Ugliest Aldens I've ever come across but I couldn't pass up the $3 price tag. Ben Silver, PRL, BB wool
You should get this. One of my favorite pieces of outerwear. Plus, at this price it is a steal - half what I paid.FWIW, I'm a 42 in Eidos and got a 42 Waverly. Fits perfectly.
Fuck all of you. You're all on fire and this has been the driest two months in my four years of thrifting.
Spoo, You keeping that fabric for yourself? I thought you're strickly RTW.
I hear yah bro. The last two months have been dry as a bone.
Glad I kept the NMWA bags. They sure do come in handy when moving.
Eidos! That's definitely a thread first. I don't have any of their shirts but I have two sport coats and they're PHENOMENAL.
Chicago bros, Outlets near O'Hare worth my time? I have a few hours to kill and within walking distance. Feel free to PM.
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