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Glad I kept the NMWA bags. They sure do come in handy when moving.
Eidos! That's definitely a thread first. I don't have any of their shirts but I have two sport coats and they're PHENOMENAL.
Chicago bros, Outlets near O'Hare worth my time? I have a few hours to kill and within walking distance. Feel free to PM.
Fourth of July e-thrift. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Canali-Sport-Coat-Jacket-42L-Light-Gray-MADE-IN-ITALY-100-Cotton-/221815481160?nma=true&si=U4DxVST2dTDT1aE1YJicYNVxWfo%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
Ricci pleated ties bring big money.
Wearing mine today. One of four pairs of shoes I've thrifted and kept. A great summer loafer.
How far along are you on this? How many more belts do you need for the area you're looking to cover?
Def post a pic
PRL cashmere Seaward & Stearn Haven't seen this label in a while. They fit but the weird knee pads mean they're going to the bay. Peter Millar lilac chinos for me Interesting Paul Stuart khakis for me
BB CC Patagonia snap-t. Small. Gents, can one of you give me an education on this? Not really sure what I have. It's the first piece of military clothing I've ever picked up. Circa 1941. Fully canvassed. Lining is trashed. Only tag on this is Gor-Nu-Cuna. Again, not really sure what I have here. I'm really hoping this has some vicuna.
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