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Agreed. Found a gorgeous linen shirt for a local mens store that fit me perfectly everywhere except for the shoulder seams. Had to pass.
Bullock & Jones bow tie and vintage grenadine for me. My jaw was on the floor when I found this. ALWAYS CHECK WOMENS OUTERWEAR! Incredibly, I found ANOTHER Ralph Lauren (University) polo coat across town but it was too moth bitten.
Very nice finds, but those aren't shell
Saul Alinsky? Really? How is this man a medical doctor?
Ted Cruz - let's just kill everyone that doesn't like us
Trump is comic gold.
Southwick for Paul Stuart pinstripe flannel NWT Wallace & Barnes BB made in Italy wool/linen/silk blend
10-12. Use The Method for sweat stains. It works like a charm.
Isaia shirt bought on sale at a local mens store. Peter-Blair for a local hospital, Breuer in UVA colors for a bud and an Hermes. What's the best way to remove this stain?
New Posts  All Forums: