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Ugh, had to leave behind so many (once) great ties because of condition issues: Paul Stuart x 5, T&A, Altea grenadine. NOS Orvis moleskin Abercrombie Scottish shetland. Gorgeous. I've never seen a sweater with coloring like this. Hermes & Ben Silver Cravatte
Back to regularly scheduled programming NIB ladies Belgian Shoes I was worried when I walked in and the store was packed with frat boys. Thankfully they took all the Jcrew and VV and left the Hermes for me.
Martin Dingman https://www.martindingman.com/
BB square grenadine J.Crew cashmere beanie for the girlfriend Gravati for me One of the nicest Samuelsohn's I've ever seen. Wool/linen/silk blend. Surgeon's cuffs.
Bros, 1) I'm assuming M Is for mens? 2) any idea what material this is?
Hanna Hats patchwork shawl cardigan/jacket
This.I've gone to therapy at various points in my life for various issues and right now I'm back to seeing my guy once a week since July. It's crucial. My anxiety and avoidance behaviors were at an all time high. My inner dialogue was abhorrent. If I said out loud what I was saying to myself in my head, I'd start to cry.It's gotten so much better now. Yeah, you can talk with friends, family, a SO, but there's something different about talking with a trained, unbiased...
dieworkwear in the thrift thread? Crazy. It's like seeing a rare albino whale in the wild.
Guys, I have to plug RAVE Fabricare. I e-thrifted a Canali Kei sport coat a few months back that had a soiled collar. Significantly brown and disgusting. I dropped it off at the best local dry cleaner and got it back in the same nasty condition. Desperate, I heard about RAVE from PTO and Dieworkwear so I sent it off to Phoenix. Just received it and the jacket is perfect. No indication it ever was as soiled as before I sent it off. Cleaning wasn't cheap but it was...
Recent, FU patterned Southwicks sell pretty decently. Just sold one for $90.
New Posts  All Forums: