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I love Eidos. I own a lot of Eidos. I think Antonio is doing great things, but I'm not liking these boots. At all.
@Scbrown You in RVA?
Finally back home after a week long conference. Ugh I'm beat. But not too beat to hit one store. Nothing huge but I'm pumped for my next summer black tie wedding.
Sorry to spam the thread, but vote if you're interested! https://www.massdrop.com/vote/SID-MASHBURN-FLANNEL-DOWN-VEST
DUDE! This helped me solve the mystery of who made a pair of cranberry red cotton pants I thrifted years ago and have been sitting in my closet ever since. No maker's label but the size label is identical as is the lining. SWEET!
Girlfriend was crushed they didn't fit: Tory Burch leopard Reva flat. Took me a few minutes to authentic but they're real.
Ugh, had to leave behind so many (once) great ties because of condition issues: Paul Stuart x 5, T&A, Altea grenadine. NOS Orvis moleskin Abercrombie Scottish shetland. Gorgeous. I've never seen a sweater with coloring like this. Hermes & Ben Silver Cravatte
Back to regularly scheduled programming NIB ladies Belgian Shoes I was worried when I walked in and the store was packed with frat boys. Thankfully they took all the Jcrew and VV and left the Hermes for me.
Martin Dingman https://www.martindingman.com/
BB square grenadine J.Crew cashmere beanie for the girlfriend Gravati for me One of the nicest Samuelsohn's I've ever seen. Wool/linen/silk blend. Surgeon's cuffs.
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