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My first pair of EGs. Bought for crazy cheap on eBay and sent them to B. Nelson for recrafting. Couldn't afford the EG restoration. Question: Are these dark oak?
I picked up these Edward Green Dovers about a year ago for a song on eBay. The seller totally mis-listed them. In fact, there was no mention of EG in the listing but he did include a pic of the foot bed. I ended up getting them for under $130 shipped . [[SPOILER]] They were in pretty decent condition, but I only got a few wears out of them before the sole wore through. I researched and contemplated shipping them back to EG for a factory restoration, but the cost was way...
Two quick and dirty pics since the gf and I are currently prepping for a small dinner party. One stop on a crazy busy day of errands. NWT, unhemmed and my size so unfortunately NA. First time finding Isaia is YEARS.
They did. I only had my eye on a one pair since I have plenty of trousers. Didn't see how many sizes were left though.
Sid Mashburn now at 50% off. Picked up the vest I've been eyeing for months. Pearl gray was gone, but I snagged second choice, navy.
Only one decent find today
azeemsahib2012I'm not a huge eBay seller, but I've done 500+ sales. This guy is hands down the biggest pain in the ass I've ever dealt with.
All from one stop: NOS BB OCBD NWT Bills Khakis x 2 Oxxford sportcoat Ties L-R Canali, Brioni, Brooks Brothers, Harrods, RT Seven Fold (completely unlined, silk only, totally awesome), NWT BB, Zegna, NWT Bird Dog Bay
The hilarity continues. This is the message that accompanied a return request. I'm calling eBay today to end this."I gave you a fair chance to right your wrong. You mistook my politeness for weakness. No worries because now we will play this out in the same way you tried dealing with me. You, dear seller, sent me the wrong size. Moreover, you are failing to acknowledge the fact after the fact. However, I do understand your act of what did I do? Because everyone s gotta...
My anger got the better of me. I've never dealt with a buyer this. How do you speak logically to someone who is so profoundly stupid and illogical? This guy has to be a Sarah Palin supporter.
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