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First, thank you to everyone who PMed and replied to the thread about the Omega watch. The willingness of you guys to share your knowledge makes this thread a great community to be a part of. I ended up purchasing it today for 30% off, which makes it the most expensive item I've ever bought at a thrift store. It keeps correct time, though I know the date mechanism doesn't work. Now I just need to get it fixed and change out this horribly dated band. Pics: Also picked...
A few quick stops while running errands: Underneath, an anonymous silk dress scarf. On top and both on final markdown at Marshall's: RLPL tie and Black Fleece belt
A few meager finds: Paul Stuart wool/silk paisley, Ted Baker, Hugh Parsons for Miller Brothers Ltd. Massimo Bizzocchi and Bulgari 7 fold, RLPL linen pants (NA) and a Brooks Brothers cashmere scarf
Greg, I wear a 42 in the Mackintosh Waverly. Should I take the same size in the Dunkeld?
I made the trip back to the store yesterday after exchanging PMs with a few of you. The lady at the counter told me they had it examined by a local jeweler and it will need the date movement repaired. Otherwise, it's in decent condition. It will be 30% off next week, so I'm gambling it will still be there. If it is I'm purchasing and taking it for a repair estimate. I'm not a watch wearer, so if the cost of the repair is too high I'm more than happy to pass it along to...
Feel free to PM. I know less than nothing about watches. Can someone please educate me or point me where I can get an education on what I have here. Looking for info on date, materials, movement, reasonable price to pay.
Dis is niiiiiiiice. If I didn't already own a Mackintoshtosh Waverly I'd be all over this.
Now. All prices dropped another 20%. No code needed. Only picked up an OCBD.Edit: fuck BB for their ridiculous shipping prices.
Didn't buy from him. Namor wouldn't price Dovers at $120.
My first pair of EGs. Bought for crazy cheap on eBay and sent them to B. Nelson for recrafting. Couldn't afford the EG restoration. Question: Are these dark oak?
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