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WOW! @Ken P, blown away bud. Thank you! You have to tell me more about this scarf! Who made it? The fabrics. It's really unbelievable. My girlfriend already tried to claim it.No. He donated to the Richmond SPCA for me. What I received is a thank you card from the SPCA with both our names.
THANK YOU to my Thriftmas exchange bud! I'd post a pic but it has his full name on it and I doubt he'd want that all over SF.
Thriftmas partner, sorry for the delay. Dropped in the mail today. You should receive it Friday.
BB Loro Piana Storm System topcoat. 40R.
Some of you might have seen "Prayers for Finn" on your Facebook newsfeed. Finn is the younger son of one of my fraternity brothers. If you want a sense of what the Ronld McDonald House does day to day, please read the Facebook post below. https://www.facebook.com/prayersforbabyfinn/photos/a.1534051673543727.1073741829.1534013940214167/1668814123400814/?type=3
Damn, prices have gone up. When I was there in August, 2013 I got an overcoat with LP Storm System fabric for $80. Girlfriend got a F/W dress ($30) she wears once a month and navy quilted jacket with corduroy trim ($40) she wears at least twice a week. POST 1,000!
Thriftmas bud, I had dreams of gifting you grails I'd thrifted for pennies. Alas, that didn't pan out. Your item should in your mailbox by the end of the week. Edit: One post away from 1000. Don't know if that's something to celebrate or worry about.
Leave the shitty, old Rubinacci sport coats. They've been there forever.
It was going to my dad so I had them make it perfect: total cleaning, repaired lining, stain removal and fixed a few moth holes.This is the third item I've sent to them and I'm always blown away with what they're able to do. They've removed stains my local specialty dry cleaner said were permanent.
NICE! My favorite find of the year was a PRL polo coat. In fact, I recently got it back from Rave Fabricare. Two months and $150 later it looks brand new. Going to my folks today to gift it to Poppa Long Legs. That lucky SOB, he's getting the polo coat, a Brioni flannel suit and NWT Berle seersucker pants as early Xmas gifts.Busy week so didn't get out much. Did score this Zegna jacket. NA for now.
New Posts  All Forums: