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Back home after one last quick run. I did well with it.The only time I pick up Cole Haan is when they're new and $4.Ties on the rack were shit, but ties in the box waiting to be put out were decent. Chipp, current BB, Dunhill Tailors. The DT might be my favorite thrifted tie of all time.
I didn't. What did I miss? Completed Listings didn't tell me much.
Some stuff from the last few weeks. Everything but Brioni ties are available. Please only $ offers. I have too much backlog to do trades. Current Brioni x 2, Recent Zegna Hilditch & Key, T&A x 2, Seaward & Stearn x 2 NOS Hermes - bought, listed and sold in less than 3 hours...
It's buried somewhere here in the thread. I love SF, but the difficulty finding information like this is my chief complaint. Helpful information, like how all the models compare, should be easily found. Yes, the "Search" function is decent, but there has to be an easier way. Maybe the first page can be edited (and continuously updated) to include all the vital information: stockists, model comparison, etc.I don't want to derail the thread, but does @LA Guy have any...
Eidos Rota G. Inglese Viberg
No. It's fucking annoying. Spoiler.
I love what you're going for, but my main complaint with this fit (and most of your fits) is the jacket is too short.
Damn these pics are shitty JPress tweed x 2 Hermes
Crushed it.
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