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A follow up: I picked up some Saphir from Franco's after my haircut. While I was looking at the Aldens I got to talking with the salesmen about the Rider's on sale on a back table. He mentioned that those were the last and that Rider Boot Co. is no more. In it's place, he said, will be a Franco's brand shoe line. I inquired if they would be made to the same standards and his response was they will be at the same level of quality and made at the same factories as Rider.
I'm planning on going to Franco's this weekend. I'll ask because I'm curious as well.
I have two of a similar/identical vintage. One brown and black herringbone and the other a gorgeous houndstooth. Undarted, partially lined, 2 button cuff, natural shoulder, 3/2 roll. Solid gold.Spoo, what size?
I was there a few months ago. They're all hideous.
http://www.gq.com/style/blogs/the-gq-eye/2013/09/how-gq-are-you-this-weeks-most-gq-readers.html Scroll down to see our boy. So GQ.
Couldn't pass these up, my first Edward Green! Upper is in very decent shape, though a total restoration is needed. [[SPOILER]]
Looking for some insight/review/commentary on Drake's shirts.
Popped my Etro cherry today as well. Gorgeous scarf, but small. 12" x 44".
PRL hand knit and NWOT/current Robert Talbott tie.
Passed a Hermes scarf (looked real but $150) and a Harmont & Blaine jacket (outerwear made in Italy). Couldn't find much information about H&B. Anyone had success with them?
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