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It was a pretty good day. As of now the square and all the shoes are NA since they fit and I don't know yet what I want to keep. NWT Brooks Brothers and a current/recent house label tie for a local menswear store. Bills Khakis cotton pullover and a Barbour sweater. Ferragamo pocket square. No tag, but it feels like linen and seems legit. RLPL, 16.5. Big score of the day. The damn store had four pairs of shitty Bally loafers and wanted $95 each. Fuck that. Walked...
Prada sweater Men's Belgian Shoes
Thanks, Linda. A little small on me, so if you're interested let me know. 50 Eu. wool/yak blend. Pics tomorrow when I have better light. These tags are from a Prada men's sweater. Authentic?
All fodder from the past few days. Everything is available but the Sulka.Sulka, Peter-Blair x 2, BB X 2 (one NWT and one current label), Sette (e-thrift)Filson and Arc teryx (cherry pop!)Pringle cashmere scarf and AE tassel loafersBurberry donegal tweed, approximately 40-42R [[SPOILER]]
I'm assuming "suit jackets" means sport coats and not orphans. If it's all/mostly new or recent, I'd offer $600. Anything that was pure shit (Jahne Barnes, Joseph Abboud, etc.) I'd take to a local cosignment store.
First time out all week. Didn't turn up much: PRL x Corneliani wool/angora. Available.
A wool vest like Sid Mashburn's: not puffy as hell, horn buttons, decent construction, $300-$350.
Suit Supply jacket, DuChamp tie and NWT Ike Behar pants. All available.
Yeah I saw that. Shouldn't there be a name though aside from OP-607? Like "Gregory Peck" or "O'Malley"?
One stop. One find. One dollar. Oliver Peoples glasses. I must suck at googling because I can't find anything about these. Can someone here help me out? [[SPOILER]]
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