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[[SPOILER]] Cordovan by Cap'n, bros! Wow, huge shout out to Wes for doing a crazy fantastic job on my Marlows. Extraordinarily impressed.
Whoever manages the eBay Blocked Bidder/Fucking Asshole list, please PM me. I have another name you can add.
Etro, RT Estate, truly NWOT RLPL. Robert Jensen grenadine (by Italo Ferretti, I believe). Look at that stitching! Big guys get at me: Alan Paine cashmere vneck in charcoal gray.
One of my more interesting finds: Dunhill jewelry box. Not really sure of the construction/materials or value, but I liked it.(quick pics bc I'm heading out to drink like a fish and eat a ton of sausage at the first oktoberfest of the season) [[SPOILER]]
Again, stellar customer service from the NMWA team. Eidos and Mazz inbound.
Spoo, my apologies since I know this is crass but I'm curious, do you lower your percentage for very high value items?Feel free to PM a response (or tell me to fuck off).
Slow weekend: Barbour scarf, BB made in Scotland shetland sweater, and the only thing I have pics of: Brand new, unworn LL Bean Gumshoes, size 14. Already claimed by my 6'8 buddy.
This looks really, really great.
NWT BB, current Talbott x 2, nicest Altea I've ever seen (I helped the women behind the counter get an item down from atop a tall cabinet and she gave this to me for free ), zegna Clan Douglas THICK cashmere cardigan for me
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