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Crushed it.
Can you do me a favor and try this on and report back?I'm a 40-42 and don't know if I need a M or L, so I'm curious if I need to size up or if these are TTS.
Not posting this in the sale or PSA threads. STP has Tricker's on clearance. Good amount of styles and sizes left if you're a size 10 or larger. http://www.sierratradingpost.com/s~trickers/?perPage=24
Sam Hober x 2, BB Golden Fleece x2, Armani. Couldn't leave this behind thought it's unvented.
Have to brag after a productive night e-thrifting last night: NWT Phineas Cole tie x 2 NWT RLPL wool/cashmere flannels Grand total for all 3, including shipping: $70
I love Eidos. I own a lot of Eidos. I think Antonio is doing great things, but I'm not liking these boots. At all.
@Scbrown You in RVA?
Finally back home after a week long conference. Ugh I'm beat. But not too beat to hit one store. Nothing huge but I'm pumped for my next summer black tie wedding.
Sorry to spam the thread, but vote if you're interested! https://www.massdrop.com/vote/SID-MASHBURN-FLANNEL-DOWN-VEST
DUDE! This helped me solve the mystery of who made a pair of cranberry red cotton pants I thrifted years ago and have been sitting in my closet ever since. No maker's label but the size label is identical as is the lining. SWEET!
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