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Prada sweater Men's Belgian Shoes
Thanks, Linda. A little small on me, so if you're interested let me know. 50 Eu. wool/yak blend. Pics tomorrow when I have better light. These tags are from a Prada men's sweater. Authentic?
All fodder from the past few days. Everything is available but the Sulka.Sulka, Peter-Blair x 2, BB X 2 (one NWT and one current label), Sette (e-thrift)Filson and Arc teryx (cherry pop!)Pringle cashmere scarf and AE tassel loafersBurberry donegal tweed, approximately 40-42R [[SPOILER]]
I'm assuming "suit jackets" means sport coats and not orphans. If it's all/mostly new or recent, I'd offer $600. Anything that was pure shit (Jahne Barnes, Joseph Abboud, etc.) I'd take to a local cosignment store.
First time out all week. Didn't turn up much: PRL x Corneliani wool/angora. Available.
A wool vest like Sid Mashburn's: not puffy as hell, horn buttons, decent construction, $300-$350.
Suit Supply jacket, DuChamp tie and NWT Ike Behar pants. All available.
Yeah I saw that. Shouldn't there be a name though aside from OP-607? Like "Gregory Peck" or "O'Malley"?
One stop. One find. One dollar. Oliver Peoples glasses. I must suck at googling because I can't find anything about these. Can someone here help me out? [[SPOILER]]
I am two Stellas and a glass of wine deep. I love to cook so I do five nights a week. Tonight's the gf's aka Matty gets drunk and catches up on The Profit and watches Hardball.
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