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No thrifting for me yesterday as the gf and I were cooking and cleaning all day in preparation for hosting dinner with her folks. Since this is the bragging thread, I did slay some homemade pizzas and a chocolate pistachio tart. Also swung by a local mens store's warehouse sale after my haircut and picked up some heavily discounted socks. Couldn't pass up Brioni OTC 100% cashmere for under $20 (other two are wool). Talked with a salesman for over an hour about all...
Greg, any chance for the Eidos preorder the sleeves on outerwear have been widened? The only complaint I've heard about Eidos is that the outerwear sleeves are really narrow.
Not loving this, but mostly e-thrifted Canali Kei jacket (80% off from Barneys Warehouse) Mazzarelli shirt (via No Man Walks Alone) Massimo Bizzocchi tie (thrifted last week) Vanda square Borrelli pants (ethrifted NWT, 85% off) EG Dovers (ethrift, well under 10% rule) Vintage Brooks Brothers trench (thrifted)
First time posting in this thread Jacket: Canali Kei Shirt: Mazzarelli Tie: Massimo Bizzocchi Square: Vanda Pants: Borrelli Shoes: EG Dovers Trench: Brooks Brothers
I received some PMs after I posted this in the thrift thread and one guy said he owned something really similar. He believes mine to be late 50s, early 60s.
Cross-post from the thrift thread. I know nothing about watches, but I did pick this up today from a thrift store. My watch collection now stands at two.
First, thank you to everyone who PMed and replied to the thread about the Omega watch. The willingness of you guys to share your knowledge makes this thread a great community to be a part of. I ended up purchasing it today for 30% off, which makes it the most expensive item I've ever bought at a thrift store. It keeps correct time, though I know the date mechanism doesn't work. Now I just need to get it fixed and change out this horribly dated band. Pics: Also picked...
A few quick stops while running errands: Underneath, an anonymous silk dress scarf. On top and both on final markdown at Marshall's: RLPL tie and Black Fleece belt
A few meager finds: Paul Stuart wool/silk paisley, Ted Baker, Hugh Parsons for Miller Brothers Ltd. Massimo Bizzocchi and Bulgari 7 fold, RLPL linen pants (NA) and a Brooks Brothers cashmere scarf
Greg, I wear a 42 in the Mackintosh Waverly. Should I take the same size in the Dunkeld?
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