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I've listed 50+ items in the last few weeks. I have 14 more to do tomorrow and my backlog will be officially nonexistent. First time that's ever happened in my five years of thrifting.
Brooks Brothers Nappa house slippers, 12. VV Martha's Vineyard belt, 40 (not pictured). NIB BB Ltd. Ed. tie. Marchesi di Como tie. NA Current label Zegna tie. NA NWT Ferragamo square. NWT Ballin silk/linen flat front trousers. 34 x unhemmed.
Nothing but fodder. All available. NWT Jos A. Bank cashmere scarf. Ledbury. 16.5. BBBF madras vest. BB2. New Loake Severn 2. 8UK.
I did the Alden Restoration for my grandfather's shell oxfords about five years ago. Money well spent.
Nine stops and not a lot to show for it. Ghurka checkbook holder for me. BB Golden Fleece, Zegna x 2 H. Freeman red hopsack blazer. I'm robbing it of the Ben Silver buttons, so if you're a 38R and want a jacket for only shipping, PM me.
Does it have the loop?
While this might be a regular Saturday for @SpooPoker, it's my best tie haul ever. One stop. All flawless. My favorite was a current Zegna in a navy and pink floral pattern, but it was soiled so I left it behind. I bought his 18 siblings. The Nauticas and Izods in the case - $15. Everything I found - $5-$7 a piece. The Brionis and Talbott knit are NA. The orange pleated one on it's own should pay for the whole haul. Talbott knit, Etro, Hickey Freeman, Ike x 2, Ferragamo,...
I always pick up mens Lilly. Older mens, particularly sport coats and pants, are good money.
@Jompso, dude, if you want to be a part of this community at the very least you have to write clearly. I do think you contribute a lot, so please help us all out. Take a few extra minutes with each post and write so we can comprehend it. Thanks.
Everything is available except the red RT BOC tie. Bean Boots. Cheapest ($6) and coolest ones to date. RT BOC x 3, Zegna x 2, Bally, Ferragamo. Italo Ferretti, Paul Stuart x 2, Peter-Blair x 2, Vineyard Vines, Canali.
New Posts  All Forums: