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Now. All prices dropped another 20%. No code needed. Only picked up an OCBD.Edit: fuck BB for their ridiculous shipping prices.
Didn't buy from him. Namor wouldn't price Dovers at $120.
My first pair of EGs. Bought for crazy cheap on eBay and sent them to B. Nelson for recrafting. Couldn't afford the EG restoration. Question: Are these dark oak?
I picked up these Edward Green Dovers about a year ago for a song on eBay. The seller totally mis-listed them. In fact, there was no mention of EG in the listing but he did include a pic of the foot bed. I ended up getting them for under $130 shipped . [[SPOILER]] They were in pretty decent condition, but I only got a few wears out of them before the sole wore through. I researched and contemplated shipping them back to EG for a factory restoration, but the cost was way...
Two quick and dirty pics since the gf and I are currently prepping for a small dinner party. One stop on a crazy busy day of errands. NWT, unhemmed and my size so unfortunately NA. First time finding Isaia is YEARS.
They did. I only had my eye on a one pair since I have plenty of trousers. Didn't see how many sizes were left though.
Sid Mashburn now at 50% off. Picked up the vest I've been eyeing for months. Pearl gray was gone, but I snagged second choice, navy.
Only one decent find today
azeemsahib2012I'm not a huge eBay seller, but I've done 500+ sales. This guy is hands down the biggest pain in the ass I've ever dealt with.
All from one stop: NOS BB OCBD NWT Bills Khakis x 2 Oxxford sportcoat Ties L-R Canali, Brioni, Brooks Brothers, Harrods, RT Seven Fold (completely unlined, silk only, totally awesome), NWT BB, Zegna, NWT Bird Dog Bay
New Posts  All Forums: