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Just came from a big dinner at my folks. Found out one of my parents best friends works for an estate sale company. I gots da hook up
I'm pretty sure all the SM label made in England shoes are AS.
I've done the same recently. Stepped on the scale yesterday for the first time in months and am down 10 pounds. Eat more vegetables and you lose weight - who would have thought!
The Kitons I'm keeping because they're all from my now deceased uncle. I'll gladly sell the Drakes, Vanda and Brionis for a decent offer. I immediately pulled them from consideration based on the regular shit offers or laughable trade requests I receive. The highly desirable ties aren't going for $30, shipping included. If you want one of the "nicer" ones and are prepared to pay, PM me.
There's plenty of good stuff aside from what I'm definitely keeping.
Editing My Tie CollectionKind of thrift related as most of these were thrifted. I wear a tie less than a dozen times a year and can no longer justify 60+ ties.The whole collection [[SPOILER]] So, what to keep? Definitely all the grenadines, anything Drakes, all Kiton, Vanda, RLPL, Calabrese.If you're interested in anything else, please PM. I'm giving myself a week to make any edits and then the ones that didn't make the cut are going on the Bay.
RIP, Brian. Thanks for taking this on @SpooPoker. I liked the post and am glad to help in any way. A few small finds. Alden Cape Cod suede horsebits that fit perfectly. Not sure if they're my style, but I'll give them a few wears before deciding to sell or keep. Dore Dore navy OTC, 100% cotton. The only decent pairs amidst of pile of NOS socks. The name sounded familiar and I was right, No Man Walks Alone sells them. Available.
Any 42L Keis?
Ties: Vineyard Vines, Brioni, Peter-Blair (my new favorite tie, NA)Not really a peacoat wearer, but I couldn't pass this up for $4.Jacob Reed's Sons bridge coat. Tailored - fully canvassed, hand done buttonholes. 40R. Pretty damn flawless. Dated 1952. Available. [[SPOILER]]
Hit five stores today and all I got was a Lands End knit tie.
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