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In a wedding this weekend. I'll be wearing my thrifted Chesterfield coat by D'Avenza for Gieves & Hawkes. It's straight fire. I'll post pics.
Paid too much for all of this. John Partridge for me. Bean Boots x 2. Size 11. Available.
One stop. One find. NA at the moment. Waiting to see if my dad likes it and it fits him. 46R.
She definitely needs another 10-15 lbs on her. I loved Sunday's episode. Holy fuck does Marnie (and Christopher) need therapy.
Leave it. This is a quote from Antonio Ciongoli aka Nick Pollica on SF, the Creative Director of Eidos Napoli (what some call the little brother brand of Isaia).One factory can make for a variety of brands at various levels of quality. Caruso is a prime example.
I have 80-90 ties. I've worn one in 2016. My next wear will be at a wedding in a few weeks, so two occasions to wear a tie in a little over three months. And I sold/consigned 40+ ties from my collection in January.Been pretty damn busy lately so only got to one store yesterday.Peter-Blair x 4, Holliday & BrownAgave "Rocker" pants x 2Last but not least, this. Clearly not thrifted but a family piece. From my mother's great-great aunt who had a daughter that never married. My...
In the field. No other tags aside from this. Care to help a brother out?
Any more? LB outerwear is my favorite outerwear.
Left 5 Seize Sur Vingt shirts because I didn't feel like listing them. Possibly a mistake. All are available except the Drake's tie and Johnston's sweater. Alden bluchers Black Fleece and Billy Reid NWT Johnston's cashmere for me Borrelli, Massimo Bizzocchi and Drakes for Paul Stuart (e-thrifted) The shirts, sweater and Sieze Sur Vingts were all at the same store. I checked pants thinking there would be good stuff. Only the Luciano Barbera and tons of Bonobos....
Anyone picking up Bills Khakis these days? Obviously this is unscientific but I feel eBay is totally saturated since the liquidation and buyout.
New Posts  All Forums: