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From last week's insane shell cordovan loafer haul, a pair of Alden for BB shell loafers. Alden Brooks Brothers Black Shell Cordovan Unlined Penny Loafers 9.5B #ForBrian I wrote this blurb. Feel free to use it, edit it, ignore it. "I'm participating in StyleForum's #ForBrian auctions in honor of a recently deceased and beloved member of the SF Thrift Forum. This and (mostly) other participating auctions have a $9.99 starting price and no reserve. After deducting fees,...
NA at the moment as I'm holding it for my Dad. Luciano Barbera Soft linen/wool/silk/cashmere blend. 46R.
Def not some bad finds, though I would have left a few. A word of advice, you're going to buy a lot, probably too much, since you're first starting out. I certainly did. Fight that urge. There's no shame in going home empty handed. There's only one @SpooPoker, try as we all might to achieve his level of greatness.
Black grosgrain. I'm a size 34-36 waist. @datsunfan might have one for me, but @Dirt if you have one I'm all ears. Shoot me a PM if you do.
@leftofthedial Y'all offer Ring Jacket MTM?
If anyone comes across a solid black grosgrain cummerbund please PM. I'm a 34-36 waist. Thanks.
Seriously, RAVE FabriCARE. My really nice stuff goes to them. They worked magic on a PRL camel polo coat. It's expensive but so worth it. I'm prepping a box now - John Partridge quilted jacket that needs stain removal and restitching, stain removal and shaping for a few ties, repressing a sport coat and odor removal on a Melton peacoat.
I was watching that purely out of curiosity. That's a steal. I was thinking it'd sell for $400-$500.
6'1", 180-185. I eat a vegan breakfast and lunch and lost ten pounds without really trying. Breakfast is usually oatmeal with peanut butter and fruit. Lunch is a large salad, fruit and a small serving of a complex carb. Snacks are either a banana or nuts. I drink only water and unsweetened iced tea, which I brew myself. I might have two alcoholic beverages during the week. For exercise I play soccer twice a week and run another two to three days a week. I need to...
Best shoe haul of all time. All shell cordovan. All 9.5B. AE Randolph x 2. Alden for BB x 3. Keeping the brown penny on the far left.
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