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The hilarity continues. This is the message that accompanied a return request. I'm calling eBay today to end this."I gave you a fair chance to right your wrong. You mistook my politeness for weakness. No worries because now we will play this out in the same way you tried dealing with me. You, dear seller, sent me the wrong size. Moreover, you are failing to acknowledge the fact after the fact. However, I do understand your act of what did I do? Because everyone s gotta...
My anger got the better of me. I've never dealt with a buyer this. How do you speak logically to someone who is so profoundly stupid and illogical? This guy has to be a Sarah Palin supporter.
What can I do here? I sold a guy a pair of NWOT Cole Haan loafers size 11W US. Everything shows/documents size 11W: pics, listing, everything. He doesn't get it. He bought the wrong size. Not my problem. [[SPOILER]]
Well damn. I just bought an eidos shirt and haven't washed it yet. This all means it's going to shrink after I wash it?
WINNER! First time I've ever bought Chaps.
Think shittier. Much much shittier.
Let's take a break from these past few days of amazing hauls and play "Guess the Maker" of this raw silk tie.
Updated with measurements.
Preowned Farnese dark brown soft calf "tubo" tubular dress belt purchased from No Man Walks Alone. Silver plated buckle. I bought this for myself, but lost some weight so I got the same exact thing in a smaller size. Handmade in Italy. No issues whatsoever. Tagged size 100 (cm), which is equivalent to size 38 (in). From base of buckle tongue to second hole is 37". 1.25" in width.
One on the left is old and ugly. I would have left it. On the right is current label and a definite keeper.
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