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Does it have the loop?
While this might be a regular Saturday for @SpooPoker, it's my best tie haul ever. One stop. All flawless. My favorite was a current Zegna in a navy and pink floral pattern, but it was soiled so I left it behind. I bought his 18 siblings. The Nauticas and Izods in the case - $15. Everything I found - $5-$7 a piece. The Brionis and Talbott knit are NA. The orange pleated one on it's own should pay for the whole haul. Talbott knit, Etro, Hickey Freeman, Ike x 2, Ferragamo,...
I always pick up mens Lilly. Older mens, particularly sport coats and pants, are good money.
@Jompso, dude, if you want to be a part of this community at the very least you have to write clearly. I do think you contribute a lot, so please help us all out. Take a few extra minutes with each post and write so we can comprehend it. Thanks.
Everything is available except the red RT BOC tie. Bean Boots. Cheapest ($6) and coolest ones to date. RT BOC x 3, Zegna x 2, Bally, Ferragamo. Italo Ferretti, Paul Stuart x 2, Peter-Blair x 2, Vineyard Vines, Canali.
Caruso for Alfred Dunhill and Enrico Isaia wool/cashmere
When I was first starting out I passed on a Zilli cashmere sport coat. That was five years ago. The pain is still palpable.
Boring fodder from today. Jeans and jacket are available. Not pictured, a BB Saxxon wool cable knit sweater for me. Gustin #203 Blue 14 Straight Raw Japanese Selvedge Jeans 33x30 Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald 1/4 Lined Full Canvas Summer Weight Sport Coat 44R
Ta ta toothy
Curious to get an idea of what the thread would do: If you'd buy a Barbour Beaufort with liner (great condition, unsure if for personal use or to flip) for $125 please thumb this post.
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