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Brioni tie. Brooks Brothers 4 ply cashmere sweater. XXL. Unavailable at the moment.
Coat looks good, Eazy. Very sad that didn't fit me.
Wes, I see Nathan's all the time and never pick it up. I hope you do well with it.
Eazy, PLEASE PM me the next time you find a polo coat size 40-42.
Ben Silver madras for me [[SPOILER]] First time picking up a Reyn Spooner. Lets see how this goes.These are AMAZING! Lilly Pulitzer lizard print pants. 34 x 32/33ish. [[SPOILER]]
I'm a SWD newb so SS is pretty new to me, but that coat is one of 2-3 items I see a year and fall in love with. I'm torn between it and a casentino. Greg, any casentinos for F/W? If so, will they be the same length?
Fuck, I should have figured this. I found a solo suede PRL made in England (C&J) loafer a few weeks ago, but couldn't find its mate.NIIIIIIICE!
I haven't been out much, but it's been SLOOOOOOOW lately. BB cashmere sweater. Tagged M but shrunk to S. Color is bright pastel green. Woolrich shirt jacket for me.
I pass on Southwick 95% of the time but I thrifted a vintage Southwick tweed sportcoat a few months ago and the natural shoulders are stellar. The fit is 100% perfect.
I actually called this morning when I noticed the funds for my order were no longer pending in my bank account. Basically, I got "tough shit, wait and see" as an answer from the woman on the line. My items are still "located in stock" on the order status page. I'm really kicking myself for not doing expedited shipping, because I got a suit and I'd like to wear it to a wedding in a few weekends.
New Posts  All Forums: