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Kopped an Eidos suit in a L, want a sport coat in the same size in R since the L is sold out but I'm afraid it's going to be a wee but short. #firstworldproblems
Where do y'all buy replacement laces for your balmoral boots? I've looked around and can't find anything long enough.
Sadly, I can't find these anymore. Amazing with roasted red pepper hummus.
Long story short, local haberdashery has IM pub jackets for $200 more than NMWA. I don't know why anyone buys anything from other retailers, especially since shipping is quick and the service is exceptional.
Gitman Vintage linen/cotton (BIG FAT cherry pop!). Unfortunately not my size because it's one of the coolest shirts I've ever thrifted. Hickey made in Italy sweater vest. BB knit, shetland wool for a long defunct local haberdashery, BB grenadine. Ties are from one store that has NEVER paid off until today. Some old trad must have died because I've never seen more Brooks Brothers in my life. I spent about 15 minutes sorting through hundreds of ties and pulled about 15....
Dude, update your blog! I love your thrift fits and want more.
Like Derek, I wear mine over thicker sweaters with casual pants. I have that exact jacket from NMWA and while I'd wear it over a sportcoat I don't like it in the place of one.
I have a PRL tux made by Corneliani and it's half canvas. Hasn't Corneliani for PRL always been half canvas?
One of my favorite sweater finds of the year. $2. Tagged medium, but it's the most gigantic medium I've ever seen. I'm a 42 but this will definitely fit a 44. John Laing geelong lambswool cardigan. NA for now.
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