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Girlfriend was crushed they didn't fit: Tory Burch leopard Reva flat. Took me a few minutes to authentic but they're real.
Ugh, had to leave behind so many (once) great ties because of condition issues: Paul Stuart x 5, T&A, Altea grenadine. NOS Orvis moleskin Abercrombie Scottish shetland. Gorgeous. I've never seen a sweater with coloring like this. Hermes & Ben Silver Cravatte
Back to regularly scheduled programming NIB ladies Belgian Shoes I was worried when I walked in and the store was packed with frat boys. Thankfully they took all the Jcrew and VV and left the Hermes for me.
Martin Dingman https://www.martindingman.com/
BB square grenadine J.Crew cashmere beanie for the girlfriend Gravati for me One of the nicest Samuelsohn's I've ever seen. Wool/linen/silk blend. Surgeon's cuffs.
Bros, 1) I'm assuming M Is for mens? 2) any idea what material this is?
Hanna Hats patchwork shawl cardigan/jacket
Some information on Ledbury's new bespoke location: Pricing Details and photos This is really close to my dry cleaner and alterations tailor, so I'm looking forward to dropping by in the next week or so.
This.I've gone to therapy at various points in my life for various issues and right now I'm back to seeing my guy once a week since July. It's crucial. My anxiety and avoidance behaviors were at an all time high. My inner dialogue was abhorrent. If I said out loud what I was saying to myself in my head, I'd start to cry.It's gotten so much better now. Yeah, you can talk with friends, family, a SO, but there's something different about talking with a trained, unbiased...
dieworkwear in the thrift thread? Crazy. It's like seeing a rare albino whale in the wild.
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