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Stopped by the Ledbury warehouse sale yesterday. Not a huge fan of their shirts, so I went looking for a sweater. Tons of stock. Tim Kaine was there about an hour after me. NWOB Sebago Docksides. Made in the USA. 7.5M. NWT Vitaliano Pancaldi tie Small e-thrift. NWT Stefano Ricci square. Under 10% rule if you don't count shipping.
Charvet tie Ledbury White Corcoran Windowpane. 15. NWT Canali pants. Current. Slim. 34 x unhemmed.
I left it out of frustration. It's the angle. I tried it on. It looks very off.
Came across this gorgeous, current Hickey Freeman navy blazer in a soft wool/silk blend. My size. Soft shoulders. Partially lined. Gorgeous. Fucking motherfucker. This asshole chopped off at least two inches, totally ruining the "balance" of the coat. Fucking heartbreaking. It would have been my new go-to navy blazer.
I'm sure most of you are starting to think about fall gear. Gloves are no longer on my list after my recent haul, so I thought I'd share these that have been listed forever. Guy forgets to mention they're peccary. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Barneys-New-York-leather-gloves-9-Italy-Barneys-Brand-New-/171980272098?hash=item280ad2b1e2:g:sv4AAOSwA4dWLp65
Just a ton of fodder. Robert Graham x 2. Gokey Allen Edmonds Holton Canali tie Paul Stuart NYSE braces Shirts: RG, Isaia, Billy Reid, SuitSupply
Had to leave behind a cart full of J.Press. All ended up being orphans and the tweeds were too damaged. Cable Car Clothiers flat front flannels Ledbury (NA, for a buddy) Brooks Brothers made in England formal shirt with detachable collar. What's this pocket for? BB made in Scotland cashmere sweater PRL x Corneliani tux. Sadly, it's two button.
Truth. I occasionally get migraines after exercise and I swear by Pedialyte and coconut water.
Welcome to the thread. My advice, read it from the beginning. It will take some time but it will save you lots of cash.
BB shetland. NA as I'm saving it for my brother. Current, still on the BB website. BB Golden Fleece tux shirt. 16.5 x 34. Gokey x 2. 9. Alden shell. 9 B/D.
New Posts  All Forums: