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I never considered Ledbury's bespoke or MTM because their OTR doesn't fit me the way I want. After reading this maybe I should reconsider. I just received my first two MTM shirts (MiUSA from Leviner-Wood) and am quite happy with them. A $100 step up to bespoke doesn't sound bad at all.
Found something similar today.
Good. The loops give it away as real. I've never seen a fake with loops.
Super cheap e-thrift actually arrived after arguing with the seller for 2+ weeks. The second e-thrifted Hermes scarf this month. W. Kleinberg. 38. Don't know if it's purposefully distressed or not. Sid Mashburn x 2. Ties: Ben Silver. Brioni, no content tag, though it's fall weight. Both NA. Ghurka garment bag. Paid up but it's for me. e-thrifted this morning. Let's hope it actually ships. Under 5% retail.
The "bearcat" coat. Likely made by Invertere.
A minor thrift brag. And this is why I always pick up Lilly. I wish all my investments did 40x what I put in.
My order: shoes, ties, outerwear, suits/SCs, sweaters, shirts, pants, then over to women's outerwear and scarves.
This is likely an ignorant statement, but in what other marketplace can you buy an item, give the seller money and then the seller refuses to ship or handover the item that was lawfully purchased? It's not the buyer's fault the seller made a mistake and sold the item for too little.
Here's the deal: Friday night I win an Hermes scarf at auction for ridiculously cheap. I pay immediately and await a shipping confirmation. No word from the seller. She hasn't responded to my two messages and I checked Paypal just now and she hasn't accepted my payment. I think she realized the mistake she made and wants to relist it correctly at a higher price. Is there anything I can do to ensure I get the item? Or am I just SOL?
Ties: Peter-Blair "chick magnet" bow, LE knit x 3, VV, Breuer for Ben SilverChipp. Tempted to keep this unless one of you wants it.Shorts. Never pass on mens Lilly. The wilder the better.NIB VMI silk braces. Made in EnglandBullock & Jones cashmere vest. Large.BB x Alden plain toe blucher. 12.Alden shell. 12.Bean Maine Hunting shoe. I do poorly with Bean boots but these were absurdly cheap. Any advice on getting decent money out of these?e-thrift that came in.PRL x...
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