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Well...I kind of went over the top, though my rig is largely thrift funded. For someone who loves clothes I actually don't have much. My wedding suit will be the second suit I own.Suit: Hickey Freeman MTMShirt: Local MTMTie: Probably this Vanda. I sold a few thrifted ties to fund this.Square: White linen someone gifted to me years ago.Shoes: I'm going new. Probably Carmina.Watch: Grandfather's HamiltonCufflinks: Gold ones I bought today.
I bought two of those from their blowout sale two years ago. Super comfortable, fit is great. I wear them all the time.I use eBay Global Shipping 95% of the time and only had a problem once and that was because the buyer refused to pay customs when the package got to his country. Other than that, no problems.Stopped by a vintage store I regularly sell stuff to. Tried it on and it's perfect. Super thick. I have no occasion to wear it, but I might got back and get it.From...
Made this for the first time tonight, along with baked sweet potato fries. Pretty damn good. Get's a really nice crust. It's not for everyone, but don't knock it til you try it. Edit: It is for everyone. Try it.
Real. Loop gives it away. Can't fake construction.
I have an Isaia DB Casentino coat in the Colorado fit, size 42 and just tried it on over a S/S Eidos sport coat, also a 42. I thought it looked and felt damn good.
IT WAS YOU! That popped up on my Feedly, but I missed it by a few hours. @gdl203 Do you have measurements for the Palermo?
Hope you all haven't missed me. I was pretty burnt out on thrifting and SF, so I took off most of January. Some of these might be duplicates from the last time I posted a haul. The few times I have been out: Paul Stuart wool/silk ties x 2. Barbour. 42 LL Bean Norwegian. Large. Patagonia Synchilla vest for me. Ghurka key wallet. Alden x 2 (one shell). NWOB Sebago MiUSA campsides in a green/grey/brown for me. These have been getting a lot of wear. Brioni...
Heading to St. John, USVI in a few days for a vacation and wedding. If anyone has any tips, restaurant recommendations, etc., please PM.
Golden Bear hunting jacket. Large. NA for now as I'm waiting to see if it fits my dad.Barbour. 42.Notre Dame varsity jacket. MiUSA. LargeAlso, thrift store selfie. [[SPOILER]]
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