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All the BK I've seen at Marshalls has been made in Bangladesh.Too short for my taste.I've been remarkably good lately. Waking up at 6 to meditate, write listings and take measurements. Other mornings I run. Then when I get home from work I immediately take pics while there's good light.Sold some stuff to a local vintage store for the first time. The owner/buyer peppered me with questions and was really impressed with what I brought in. Gave me decent prices on unsold items...
Shit, Wes. Looking thin. How much weight have you lost?
Dolcepunta tie Trafalgar Ltd Ed braces Collared Greens for a friend Nicest Incotex I've ever picked up. 38. BB slim fit MiUSA OCBD x 2. 16.5 x 34. Nordstrom house label linen SC for Dad. Fully canvassed. Quarter lined. Dual vent. Ferragamo and Zegna ties on a Hermes pocket square. Watched that damn square drop in price for over a month. This thing rivals the Canali Kei and Eidos I have. Totally unstructured. Nothing in the shoulder. Only the second time...
@gdl203 will this hiccup affect any future Eidos MTOs? I'll probably order another HJ if there's a MTO in early 2017.
Glad to report that City of Gentlemen is still going strong.
BB madder for me NWOB Cable & Co. Size 10. Loro Piana ladies? First suit I came across. Brioni 6/1 DB. NWT PRL leather sport coat. 42R.
NWT Sid Mashburn Mid-Gauge Cashmere Sweater. XL. Alden black calf penny loafers. 9.5 B/D. Willing to proxy at cost this NWT Harley of Scotland shetland sweater. Saddle shoulder. XL. PM if interested.
Filson shooting shirtCharvet and Ashear squaresHermes, Charvet x 2, Stefano Ricci x 3. Paid up but still under the 10% rule.Pop on this. Mint, unworn, Lock & Co. Hatters for BB fedora. 7 3/8. Again, paid up but still under the 10% rule. [[SPOILER]]
I'm looking for a new job...
I've thrifted my girlfriend incredible scarves, butter soft cashmere lined quilted leather gloves, Lululemon sweaters, and various Patagonia jackets. She likes all those but flipped out when I brought this home the other day: Rugby field coat. Ledbury x 2. Breuer and Hilditch & Key. First time making cookies. Best ginger snaps I've ever had. 100% vegan.
New Posts  All Forums: