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Heading to St. John, USVI in a few days for a vacation and wedding. If anyone has any tips, restaurant recommendations, etc., please PM.
Golden Bear hunting jacket. Large. NA for now as I'm waiting to see if it fits my dad.Barbour. 42.Notre Dame varsity jacket. MiUSA. LargeAlso, thrift store selfie. [[SPOILER]]
This morning was the first time in years I've need to be in a suit before sundown on a weekday. This pic is after my appointment at a thrift store, my natural habitat. Everything about the quality of these pictures should indicate why it's only the second time I've posted in this thread. Details Suit: Eidos "Lorenzo" via NMWA Shirt: Eidos "Marcus" via Stanley Korshak Tie: Panta 6-fold brown grenadine Scarf: Begg for Barney's Arran cashmere Belt: Farnese brown tubo...
FYI, the green duck label is on old Drake's label. I confirmed that a few months ago with Mark Cho of The Armoury and the current owner of Drake's.
Only one find today. NA as they fit.
SP produced Eidos Napoli's S/S 2016 tailored clothing. The quote below is from April, 2016 via the Eidos thread. I assume the garments were made in late 2015 or early 2016.
My resolution: each month put 20% of my thrift profits into my Vanguard account. I'm pretty good about saving, but it could always be better.
Jil Sander (pop!). 40. Stefano Ricci and R. Haneaur bow on a Johnstons 100% cashmere scarf. Luigi Bianchi Mantova grey birdseye. 40R. Artioli (pop!), Brooks English patent leather, NWOB Alden Cape Cod, Patagonia Both ladies. Brunello Cucinelli cashmere x 2.
And to all my fellow Jews, Happy Hanukkah!
Spent the morning thrifting with my brother. Then got a delicious lunch with the fiance. Not a bad day. Shoes 100% cashmere. 42. Hood is attached. Thank's, Linda!
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