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Check out NMWA's Eidos selection
Zanella FF linen for me NWT PRL/Corneliani Regents in a gorgeous dark chocolate wool. Double forward pleats. PRL's pleats are fabulous.
I shit you not, my first thought when I bought these was "these knuckleheads on SF are going to make a ton of weed jokes."
Today was shoe day: Anonymous shell (742 last number) Alden Restoration x 2 Trickers opera pumps for me Brooks English opera pumps LL Bean beaters for me
I thought that might be it, but it's nice to have an expert confirm. In that case I'm going to exchange the L for a R.
I'm 6' 1.5" and found the NMWA gunclub to be too long in the 52L, though the same size is perfect in the navy herringbone suit. Not really sure why that is because the lengths are the same.
100% agree. I wear mine A LOT.
NOS BB OCBDs x 2, Ricci pleated, Charvet (for me)
Wore mine today. This is a steal. Someone buy this!
Thought I'd give yall a heads up before it spreads. Big boys, Barneys Warehouse 30% off sale just started and Inis Meain sweaters are as low as $118 before tax. Free shipping too. Snagged a Canali Kei tweed jacket for myself.
New Posts  All Forums: