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So slow lately. R. Hanauer bowtie and cummerbund set for Dad. NWT BB x 2 I heard vintage 3 piece suits do well. Georgetown University Shop. All the Ivy details. Dunhill pocket sized leather notepad. Corner hardware is 14K gold. My second Barbour jacket. Eskdale. Made in England. Tagged small, but I'm a 42R and it fits me perfectly.
All the BK I've seen at Marshalls has been made in Bangladesh.Too short for my taste.I've been remarkably good lately. Waking up at 6 to meditate, write listings and take measurements. Other mornings I run. Then when I get home from work I immediately take pics while there's good light.Sold some stuff to a local vintage store for the first time. The owner/buyer peppered me with questions and was really impressed with what I brought in. Gave me decent prices on unsold items...
Shit, Wes. Looking thin. How much weight have you lost?
Dolcepunta tie Trafalgar Ltd Ed braces Collared Greens for a friend Nicest Incotex I've ever picked up. 38. BB slim fit MiUSA OCBD x 2. 16.5 x 34. Nordstrom house label linen SC for Dad. Fully canvassed. Quarter lined. Dual vent. Ferragamo and Zegna ties on a Hermes pocket square. Watched that damn square drop in price for over a month. This thing rivals the Canali Kei and Eidos I have. Totally unstructured. Nothing in the shoulder. Only the second time...
@gdl203 will this hiccup affect any future Eidos MTOs? I'll probably order another HJ if there's a MTO in early 2017.
Glad to report that City of Gentlemen is still going strong.
BB madder for me NWOB Cable & Co. Size 10. Loro Piana ladies? First suit I came across. Brioni 6/1 DB. NWT PRL leather sport coat. 42R.
NWT Sid Mashburn Mid-Gauge Cashmere Sweater. XL. Alden black calf penny loafers. 9.5 B/D. Willing to proxy at cost this NWT Harley of Scotland shetland sweater. Saddle shoulder. XL. PM if interested.
Filson shooting shirtCharvet and Ashear squaresHermes, Charvet x 2, Stefano Ricci x 3. Paid up but still under the 10% rule.Pop on this. Mint, unworn, Lock & Co. Hatters for BB fedora. 7 3/8. Again, paid up but still under the 10% rule. [[SPOILER]]
I'm looking for a new job...
New Posts  All Forums: