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Well I m very new member to this forum but not the world, recently I have attended a professional party and saw the guys wearing amazing and colorful ties which is perfectly suiting them and the knot they have just maded is perfect. I know how to tie a tie , but just want to know how to do it in a perfect way and what is windsor knot and how can tie a windsor knot ?
the best way is, in which you feel comfortable , well just wear it around the neck, thatz it.
I do pressed my trouser whenever I m going outside or in office or in professional parties. And it depends on the way you treated your trouser , if you made it so dirty then you cleaned it after one wearing and if not then I think after two wearing trouser should get cleaned.
Its really simple just buy a shirt in which you feel relaxed and if you find it little bit loose then get it altered it according to your figure
Why you want remove the crease it looks good , Ok if you want to remove than rather than giving your effort go to tailor and tell him to do some altering, this will be a easy and simplest way to remove the crease.
Quote: Originally Posted by Accountancy I plan on taking a new job in London fairly soon (my first time to the UK). It's in the City, a finance/accounting environment and very conservative from what I've been told. I'm currently in Asia and so I am taking advantage of the local suit makers to have a few done before my move. So far I have made a very dark navy and a medium grey/charcoal. I was considering to additionally make a 1) medium navy, 2)...
I have one question does it(pocket square) really add-up something to your personality ?
I m fond of accessories like ties and pocket square and cufflinks and can't see people wearing 1. A unmatched tie with suit 2. Wearing shoes which is not suiting with the dress they are wearing 3. Last but not least wearing large sizing clothes which seems that they are not wearing, they have just hanged it on their body.
That blazer is looking great I think it will be a good option , after buying it get altered it according to you figure to get it slim fit , then it will look so great on you.
Well I love slim fit shirts specially from G-star, but my question is that does slim fit shirts suits on heavy shoulder or slim drim person ?
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