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This is amazing.
Unless they've run out, why wouldn't they?
How's this going along?
How does one actually enter? When I try to go to suitsupply.com/outlet, I always get redirected to the home page.
Nice. I'm hoping they'll release a plain blue or a charcoal one soon. Could you take a picture of the shoulder and tell us how it feels compared to the La Spalla?
Apparently, the London was simply renamed to York. A London suit from this winter collection now appears as the York on the website.But the fit from the new collection does suggest they've tweaked it a bit. I guess we'll know once someone reviews it.
Yeah. Looks pretty interesting. Like a more casual version of the Jort."Cut slim with wide notch lapels and a shortened jacket length, this 2-button suit features a lightly padded, pleated shoulder that is hand-stitched and patch pockets; making it ideal to mix and match for a number of styles".
Finally! Odd Jort jackets.
A great looking site. Congratulations!
New Posts  All Forums: