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I think you misread into what he meant by managing to gain weight. It's hardly making a bad decision to want to build a better physique.
Piling isn't necessarily a sign of poor quality though... Or so I've read.
Ha! Partially incorrect then... But I'll stand corrected.
Yes but the difference being you would have to buy these in addition to the suit. So, you would basically end up having a complete Napoli suit with an extra pair of ill-fitting trousers.The new option corrects this issue.
It's a feature SS has implemented recently, but exclusively regarding Havana suiting. Might be a possibility only given to European customers for now though (since you seem unaware of this).EDIT:Here's a screenshot:
I highly doubt their model is flawed. There is most probably a reason behind this - tax considerations probably coming into play here - and I'm sure this process makes them earn money, or at least save some, rather than lose any.
This made me laugh.But on a more serious note... What jacket is that?
^ Half-canvas. The only lines that are full-canvas are La Spalla and Jort.
What is up with this? You can barely see it !People have condemned it for being a sartorial faux-pas, an edgy peacock option and although this might be somewhat true in tailoring etiquette, no one in the real world will ever even notice it, if not know that the little complementary flap is actually "too much".If you're not buying the Sienna because of the god damn ticket pocket...
Because we're communists.
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