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I plan on buying 3 pairs of AE during the Rediscover America sale this year. I already have Dalton (dark brown), McAllister (walnut), Delray (brown suede) and Neumok Wingtip (red and olive). I plan on getting Strand in bourbon and Broadstreet in walnut/bone. I generally hate black shoes and only wear them when necessary. The only black shoes I own are a pair of very dusty Kenneth Coles that I bought last minute (at DSW) for a evening wedding. I am embarrassed to wear them,...
PM's about Broadstreet WebGems.
My mom called tonight to inform me that my 6th grade teacher was arrested for sexual abuse. Back in the day, she was considered what we would call a MILF today. Boy has she aged badly!!!!!!! She would wear mini-skirts to teach class which raised quite a few eyebrows with some of the old lady teachers. I guess it raised something else with some of the little boys. She never tried to fiddle with me; it looks like her perverted ways did not start until about 10 years later...
I tip in the very rare instance that I use the valet service in front of a restaurant; I usually try to find street parking. When at Union Square, I either park at 5th and Mission or Sutter-Stockton as neither one has valet parking. Occasionally I park at O'Farrell, but I NEVER tip the valet there. I figure the garage has valet so they can cram more cars in to make more money.
Any New Year's sale or other sale coming up? I am interested in Dalton boots as soon as a promotion comes up. I hope not to miss it!
PM sent regarding Dalton in chocolate calf size 11D.
Like Piob, my cat was on clysis (sub-Q infusion) for chronic renal failure. She received 150ml of lactated ringers every day for the last 1 1/2 years of her life . It was a such a routine that she would come into the bathroom when she heard me warming up the solution. She was more resistent to taking Norvac (blood pressure medicine) because she had to swallow it. I know she couldn't truly understand what was going on, but on some level she trusted me and lived at least a...
I don't know when I became an atheist, however I don't ever remember believing in God. I always thought it was kind of "pretend". I was raised Jewish (Reform) and went to religious school through my Bar Mitzvah. My parents didn't make me continue to confirmation. While I identify as a Jew from an ethnic/cultural standpoint, I don't believe in anything supernatural. Tim Minchin's beat poem "Storm" sums up my feelings on the subject of spirituality.
I printed it out and tried to measure my feet. I don't feel like it is a trustworthy way to measure your feet for $200+ shoes. I got myself measured at the AE store in SF (Union Square); he said I am an 11C. Since many of the shoes do not come in C width, he had me try 10 1/2D and 11D. I ended up getting Neumok in 11D which works for me even with my 3/4 length orthotic inserts. I purchased McAllister's a few years ago in 101/2D which was a mistake. I can wear them only if...
I would consider it if there was an outlet near me. I sometimes check Nordsrom Rack for returns/seconds. I am apprehensive about ordering seconds online since I don't know what the defect is.
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