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I plan on buying 3 pairs of AE during the Rediscover America sale this year. I already have Dalton (dark brown), McAllister (walnut), Delray (brown suede) and Neumok Wingtip (red and olive). I plan on getting Strand in bourbon and Broadstreet in walnut/bone. I generally hate black shoes and only wear them when necessary. The only black shoes I own are a pair of very dusty Kenneth Coles that I bought last minute (at DSW) for a evening wedding. I am embarrassed to wear them,...
PM's about Broadstreet WebGems.
I tip in the very rare instance that I use the valet service in front of a restaurant; I usually try to find street parking. When at Union Square, I either park at 5th and Mission or Sutter-Stockton as neither one has valet parking. Occasionally I park at O'Farrell, but I NEVER tip the valet there. I figure the garage has valet so they can cram more cars in to make more money.
Any New Year's sale or other sale coming up? I am interested in Dalton boots as soon as a promotion comes up. I hope not to miss it!
PM sent regarding Dalton in chocolate calf size 11D.
I don't know when I became an atheist, however I don't ever remember believing in God. I always thought it was kind of "pretend". I was raised Jewish (Reform) and went to religious school through my Bar Mitzvah. My parents didn't make me continue to confirmation. While I identify as a Jew from an ethnic/cultural standpoint, I don't believe in anything supernatural. Tim Minchin's beat poem "Storm" sums up my feelings on the subject of spirituality.
I printed it out and tried to measure my feet. I don't feel like it is a trustworthy way to measure your feet for $200+ shoes. I got myself measured at the AE store in SF (Union Square); he said I am an 11C. Since many of the shoes do not come in C width, he had me try 10 1/2D and 11D. I ended up getting Neumok in 11D which works for me even with my 3/4 length orthotic inserts. I purchased McAllister's a few years ago in 101/2D which was a mistake. I can wear them only if...
I would consider it if there was an outlet near me. I sometimes check Nordsrom Rack for returns/seconds. I am apprehensive about ordering seconds online since I don't know what the defect is.
I tried on a pair of the Daltons (dark chocolate calf) last week in the AE store in Union Square. I loved everything about them (fit, look, colour), but I didn't want to pay full retail. I found them online at a slightly reduced price and with a 10% promo code. I was able to place the order, but the following day they called and said the colour/size I wanted was out of stock. They contacted manufacturer (AE) and were told it would be about 9 weeks before they would be...
Just a "head's-up". You can order various new Allen Edmond's shoes on Amazon right now at a 15% discount over retail. Enter SHOEFITS as a promotional code. I think it continues until May 24th. I just bought a pair of Neumok (red) for $212.15 with free shipping (Amazon Prime member) and no tax collected. They still had my size (11D) even though the AE website has it backordered. I think you can still order from allaboutshoes here on the message board as well. He now lists...
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