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^Fuck you^. Shit pic ahead. MMM/Gitman/BathrobeBeltTie/W&Hx2/EG/FrostRiver/CantRemember/Wallees (unseen)
Some shitty pics of my MIJ KMW rockers. Going on a year. I've washed them 3 or 4 times.
Plastic surgery.
Anyone have pics of the cashmere toques?
Not exactly a relaxed fit but Robert Geller released some brown denim for FW08:
They are somewhat roomy in the thighs. I work out a lot so I like that the top block is forgiving. They do taper considerably however.
Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 Very nice. How did you size those Mr. Pooper and what is the leg opening approximately? I went true to size (32" waist). Leg opening is 7.5".
Here are the s/s w+h chinos. The cut (correct me if I'm wrong) is pretty much the same for f/w.
I actually really like the aesthetic but Redwings with a 700% markup? C'mon.
Nudie ESDO at ~12 months. 3-4 washes.
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