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I am thinking about doing an MTO from Leffot and wanted to see if anyone else wanted in. Already have two Dovers but I think I am going to add a third. Would be on the 606 in coffee suede with HAF soles. I think the Dover is versatile enough that this make-up could be dressed down to wear with Jeans or dressed up to wear with a suit. Any interest?
Hit 3 paused reps at 245lbs on bench today. Then immediately ran to the bathroom and threw up. It was strange. Have decided my goal for the first half of the year is to gain five more lbs which will put me at 205 and then do a controlled cut down to 185. Figure I can finish the bulk in January and then take off the 20lbs over 4 or so months.
Nuke - that looks great. Are those EG Dovers? I love Dovers. I have one pair in dark brown willow calf and another in nutmeg suede. Incredibly versatile - can be worn with almost anything save the dressiest of rigs.
We are veering way off topic here but none of the Epaulet fits work for me - I have big thighs from weightlifting. Bespoke is pretty much the only option.
All Epaulet pants are too slim for me. Such a shame.
Totally could be my own thing. If I had to try and be more scientific about it, I would say yellow tones are harder to pair than blue tones. Either way, I like the vast majority of the ties in your rotation, we don't need to agree on 100% of them.
In general, I dont think it is a bad look by Stitchy. In terms of constructive criticism, I understand Canta's point about the check shirt but for me, the primary issue is the tie. Getting green right is tricky - I much prefer greens with blue in them than yellow - green/yellow just looks washed out and a little bit urine-tinged. Unfortunately, your tie suffers from that issue. To illustrate my point, here are three of my green ties. I find the middle tie and right tie...
I agree with this. This is probably the only suit that I own that I would never wear to a client meeting. The green windowpane thing is invisible - I just think a PoW pattern like this is never going to be CBD. A grey or navy suit with a self glen plaid (if that makes any sense) would probably work as CBD.
Looks spectacular
I think the second one works nicely. I would have preferred a blue shirt vs. a white shirt on the first one.
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