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Yes, when an outfit calls for a boot I wear a real boot and when it calls for a dress shoe I wear a real dress shoe. Chelsea boots strike me as neither. If I bought a pair I would never wear them. Those RM Williams boots don't look overly feminine but some of the sleeker numbers do.Stitch, resist the intrawebz group think.
Not a fan of Chelsea boots. They look effeminate to me. While we are at it, might as well put jodhpurs in that category.
Berry is too loud for me. Check out clove suede. Perusing the EG swatch book today at Leffot and noticed it. More of a cinnamon/red rust.
1. Harrisons Mirage2. Loro Piana - seasonal collection, not in a book. Fabrics come on a swatch3. Cacciopoli4. Loro Piana - same situation as (4)5-6. Not sure
I like the idea of a slubby silk-wool blend. While the third option is probably too light in color, I find the slubs on it appealing. Do you have any suggestions on books to look at?
Not quite an unfunded liability but hopefully will be soon. Have a big birthday coming up and would like to commission something for the occasion. The party is in May. I was thinking about a linen suit but have recently been drawn more towards the idea of a sportcoat and odd pants. I feel like I understand suiting fabrics decently well but sportcoats are tougher, especially for the warm weather months. I spent some time today with Frank thinking through options and below...
The first fit would benefit from more contrast between the suit and tie. The second one works assuming the suit is navy.
People may quibble with details but I think it is generally quite nice. Welcome to the thread.
I am thinking about doing an MTO from Leffot and wanted to see if anyone else wanted in. Already have two Dovers but I think I am going to add a third. Would be on the 606 in coffee suede with HAF soles. I think the Dover is versatile enough that this make-up could be dressed down to wear with Jeans or dressed up to wear with a suit. Any interest?
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