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Well spotted, I definitely have a low shoulder girdle which accentuates the traps. Had fairly pronounced traps even before I started lifting. I am very focused on my (lack of) lats, anyone have suggestions on what I can do? Below is my routine. Day 1: Upper body push - bench and bench assist (paused bench, incline bench, flys etc) Day 3: Lower body - usually good mornings and GHRs - have been having knee issues which has precluded me from squatting and DLing Day 5: Upper...
Progress pic. This is me today at 195lbs. A full 60lbs heavier than I was two years ago. Plan is to put on five more pounds then cut down to 185lbs. Looking at this though I am still feeling a bit DYEL. Edit: Sorry for the huge picture. [[SPOILER]]
I know this is a RHET meme but I am so frustrated with pants. I cannot find a single pair of pants that I can wear out at night that look decent and that aren't as uncomfortable as fuck. Everything is crazy tight on my ass, causes sweating, chafing and itching. Need like a 15" rise or something. Only things that fit are sweats, shorts and suits (bespoke).
Sometimes I worry about going out because I am free it will preclude me from eating enough. There just isn't enough time.
Finally getting somewhere on my bulk. 194lbs on the scale today, new PR. Hit 12 x 225 on bench, dude spotting me suggested that I try 275 next time. 6 more lbs until my bulk goal.
Tie isn't bad. Orange or brown knit or grenadine would be good
The one on the left is the best of the bunch but I would prefer something with more color.
This is an interesting point and one I have gone back and forth on as well. I love plain blue fabrics and am naturally drawn to them. I have a mid-grey plain flannel in the Harrisons book that is excellent. If I did go with something more elaborate, it would be the navy flannel chalkstripe that I believe is made by Lesser. GDL had a suit from Chan made up in that fabric and it came out great.
Bingo, it does indeed have a faint green overcheck - so faint that it took a while for Frank and I to spot it. I am super excited about it - really spectacular fabric. Glad it came out nicely for you. I will definitely do the navy as SB with two patch pockets, 3-roll-2. Not sure if I will do the pants with one forward pleat or not, leaning towards not. As with all my pants, they will have belt loops. The glenplaid I am leaning towards SB with flap pockets, 3-roll-2 and...
Two new fabrics that will soon be funded via Ercoles. Fox woolen flannel, 14oz: Harrisons woolen flannel, 14oz, slightly lighter than navy but not as purpley as in the below photo.
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