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Saw a vintage red sub on a leather strap today at the pop up flea in soho. It worked.
Pingson, please get yourself over to the Whnay good taste thread immediately. That is all.
It isn't just you.
I too have the same wool challis tie from Drakes. Mine is a different colorway though, burnt orange ground with blue and green circles. Wearing it today with a mid grey woolen flannel from Harrison's.
After a four month wait, my new Bantam sofa from DWR arrived yesterday. Was not crazy about the fabrics they offered so did a one off in Maharam's Hallingdal line. Initially DWR balked at making the fabric up in Hallingdal, something about the piping but they tested it and there were no issues. Very pleased with the result. Thanks SG for all the good advice.
My suggestion is to bang her
Will definitely try to stop by as well. As if I dont see enough of Frank already.
Teger - looks much too small. I suspect the angle accentuates the shortness but that doesn't explain the tightness. Not sure how to square your fit with mine but I would size up.
I opened this today, had picked it up a while back at Zachys. Highly recommend. I guess it is from Burgundy but not made from the chardonnay grape. Had not encountered it before but then again, I am a wine novice.
If this thread has taught us anything, it is that dragging around heavy objects like sofas and chairs is not only tolerated but encouraged.
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