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I agree with this. This is probably the only suit that I own that I would never wear to a client meeting. The green windowpane thing is invisible - I just think a PoW pattern like this is never going to be CBD. A grey or navy suit with a self glen plaid (if that makes any sense) would probably work as CBD.
Looks spectacular
I think the second one works nicely. I would have preferred a blue shirt vs. a white shirt on the first one.
Thank you. Shirt is light blue. Suit is 13/14oz. It had a basically imperceptible green window pane. You really can't see it from 6" even if you are looking for it. It almost seems like Fox put it in as a watermark, not sure what other purpose it serves.
Probably not CBD but hopefully in good taste. Suit is woolen fox flannel by Ercoles. Tie is Vanda.
+30 = 84,694
Saw a vintage red sub on a leather strap today at the pop up flea in soho. It worked.
Pingson, please get yourself over to the Whnay good taste thread immediately. That is all.
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