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Exceptional. I think I am going in the other direction weight wise. Up 65lbs over the last couple years. Blowing through suits left and right.
Love it UC. I really hope the colors are more accurate in the first picture - I suspect they are.
Just because its Capellini doesn't make it right.
Thanks to SG for the lighting recommendation. Got the Bestlite installed today and really liking it.
God that ROO Scuba is spectacular. I posted here a few months ago about how much I loved it. Congrats on the pickup. I hope you get the bracelet for it - if you are going to get an AP, it is a crime not to have one.
Dropped a plate on the nail of my thumb today. Hurts like crazy, nail is now black.
Well spotted, I definitely have a low shoulder girdle which accentuates the traps. Had fairly pronounced traps even before I started lifting. I am very focused on my (lack of) lats, anyone have suggestions on what I can do? Below is my routine. Day 1: Upper body push - bench and bench assist (paused bench, incline bench, flys etc) Day 3: Lower body - usually good mornings and GHRs - have been having knee issues which has precluded me from squatting and DLing Day 5: Upper...
Progress pic. This is me today at 195lbs. A full 60lbs heavier than I was two years ago. Plan is to put on five more pounds then cut down to 185lbs. Looking at this though I am still feeling a bit DYEL. Edit: Sorry for the huge picture. [[SPOILER]]
I know this is a RHET meme but I am so frustrated with pants. I cannot find a single pair of pants that I can wear out at night that look decent and that aren't as uncomfortable as fuck. Everything is crazy tight on my ass, causes sweating, chafing and itching. Need like a 15" rise or something. Only things that fit are sweats, shorts and suits (bespoke).
Sometimes I worry about going out because I am free it will preclude me from eating enough. There just isn't enough time.
New Posts  All Forums: