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I opened this today, had picked it up a while back at Zachys. Highly recommend. I guess it is from Burgundy but not made from the chardonnay grape. Had not encountered it before but then again, I am a wine novice.
If this thread has taught us anything, it is that dragging around heavy objects like sofas and chairs is not only tolerated but encouraged.
You may be okay. I find the Stark fit very forgiving. I think an old fit M would be perfect for you.
Fok said it well earlier - old Stark and new Stark both have their place - I like them both. One nice thing for me about the new Stark length is I can wear it with shorter jackets.
Here you go, not a great pic but you get the idea:
I am 6'0" 200lbs and a 43 chest. New Stark L fits me quite well. It is definitely more of a fitted look but not overly tight.
There is now one less on the internetz:
This is very good. You have come a long way Stitchy.
Good pics thanks. Took the plunge on the triple grey mix. Looking forward to getting it.
Two years ago was 135lbs, barely ate, was afraid of getting fat. Found this forum and good things happened. Finally broke this barrier the other day: [[SPOILER]]
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