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Teger - looks much too small. I suspect the angle accentuates the shortness but that doesn't explain the tightness. Not sure how to square your fit with mine but I would size up.
I opened this today, had picked it up a while back at Zachys. Highly recommend. I guess it is from Burgundy but not made from the chardonnay grape. Had not encountered it before but then again, I am a wine novice.
If this thread has taught us anything, it is that dragging around heavy objects like sofas and chairs is not only tolerated but encouraged.
You may be okay. I find the Stark fit very forgiving. I think an old fit M would be perfect for you.
Fok said it well earlier - old Stark and new Stark both have their place - I like them both. One nice thing for me about the new Stark length is I can wear it with shorter jackets.
Here you go, not a great pic but you get the idea:
I am 6'0" 200lbs and a 43 chest. New Stark L fits me quite well. It is definitely more of a fitted look but not overly tight.
There is now one less on the internetz:
This is very good. You have come a long way Stitchy.
Good pics thanks. Took the plunge on the triple grey mix. Looking forward to getting it.
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