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Easy DL PR last night - 3 sets of 5 reps at 295lbs. Struggled with the second set but on the last set everything clicked, could have done a couple more reps. Grip is starting to slip but only when I don't have sufficient drive through the legs - end of sets, higher weights etc. I think it is more of a strength issue then a grip issue. May try chalk. Have lost some weight, down to 180 from 210. Abs are visible. Probably 10% BF.
Alright, looking for input on what to do with the below space. Initially I had thought about leaning a large mirror against the wall but havent found one thus far that I have taken to. Artwork is a possibility but not my forte and is likely to result in me not filling the space at all. Furniture would be the most functional but the piece is not obvious given the restrictions on depth. The wall is 7' across and about 5' to the side table. Ceiling is 10'.
The Crunch I have gone to in Greenwich Village finally moved to a new location one block away. The old space was incredible, 30 foot high ceilings, lots of space between apparatus and an Olympic lifting platform. I knew that the new location would be a step down but it is worse than imagined. Super cramped, no squat racks yet (they are supposedly coming but i dont know where they would put them) and no Olympic lifting platform. According to the manager they nixed the...
Progress pictures. First pic is pre-cut at 202, second pic is post-cut at 187. Not a huge difference but I am happy with the results - facial aesthetics are much improved. I dont think I am going to go down any farther, will just try and make strength gains at my current weight. [[SPOILER]]
I have had the exact same experience as Greg. Being aware of it has saved me from making some bad bespoke choices.
Middle is great. Will probably do an SC in that fabric for fall.
+1, well said. I think a summer PoW with a tighter pattern and less fuzziness might be more successful
Yup. It strikes me more as suiting than jacketing.
I like the LL Shetland most with the Moon runner-up. The glenroyal doesn't look as textured, seems too flat. Could just be the pic though.
Thanks all for the kind words. I am a big fan of tie space. Collars that lack tie space are liable to converge over the tie and generally remind me of shirts that you encounter in airplane magazines. I am currently on an airplane so perhaps that is why the thought came to mind but that doesn't make it any less true. The worst offender are button down collars without tie space. Stitch, I am a fran of the first fit. Second one less so but hard to make out the colors on my...
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