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Does anyone know of a good option for watch repair / servicing in Washington DC? My brother has a Longines Chrono that has stopped running. He doesnt have the papers or warranty that came with it and the watch was originally purchased on the grey market. I know that isnt a TWAT approved way to purchase and maintain watches but any help would be appreciated.
Yes. Stitchy, I am always thankful for you but this was intended for Dino.
Thanks No Frills and Stitchy. I am going to see James tomorrow and check out the wares. I have a feeling it will be a morning of extreme temptation. I will take pictures if such a practice is allowed.
I have been flirting with the idea of purchasing a 1675 Pepsi GMT for a while now. My biggest hesitation is that I am not knowledgeable when it comes to vintage watches. I came across the below 1675 being sold by Analog Shift, which seems to be a fairly reputable vintage watch seller, sort of in the vein of Hodinkee. I exchanged a few emails with A/S and they informed me that the watch was fully serviced and cash was "professionally refinished" by ABC Watch Works about a...
The marker at 9 ruins it for me. Hope that is what you were looking for.
Stitches, beautiful 15300. Fits your wrist perfectly. How do people here feel about the JLC Geophysic series? I probably wouldnt purchase one (too many others ahead of it) but there is something about it that I find very appealing.
I havent tried the Jumbo on in the flesh as of yet. Frankly, I am still in tire kicking mode. My "collection" is very small at the moment - I have a blue face Dornbluth 99.1 and a Sinn U1. Unlikely to go with anything dressier than the Dornbluth but that still leaves many potential options. Other ideas I have considered are:- 1931 tribute Reverso- 1948 tribute Reverso- one of the JLC Deep Sea models- vintage Rolex Pepsi GMT or 5513- Tudor vintage snowflake (blue face)-...
Swung by the AP boutique in NYC to try on the Jumbo. Unfortunately, the Jumbo is sold out and reinforcements are not expected until January/February. In the absence of the 15202, I gave the 15400 a spin. Beautiful watch and I love the color of the face (maybe even more than the 15202) but the size isnt for me. The 41mm may be manageable but the case sits up high and doesnt feel right on my wrist. This issue is probably accentuated in the below photo because the bracelet...
Agreed. I personally like the moon phase on the WG much more.
I came to the realization yesterday that I squat my deadlifts. I am part of the problem. My hips are too low when I go into the lift, slightly above knee level. Tried to address it but was having a hard time keeping my hips higher. Pulled off of blocks instead and it was incredible, felt much more hip torque and power through my quads and hamstrings. Not sure what this all means but this is RHET so I don't suppose I have to.
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