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Thanks for the recommendations. I had a change of heart over the weekend and think I will go with the Saarinen coffee table in carrara marble. I think adding an ovular shape to the room will be more interesting than another rectangle.
The idea that a cream square would improve these fits is preposterous. I don't care what any made up "rules" would dictate. It just wouldn't look good.
Thanks guys. They are indeed on the Queens last in saddle. Skoak had very few sizes left when I ordered them and as a result I ended up with a pair half a size smaller than my true size. They really weren't comfortable and so I stopped wearing them. Since then I have lost about 30lbs and now they fit. I am not going to say I lost the weight to make the shoes fit but I am not going to deny it either...
Carmina shell: out of the box and in the wild:
Looking for a reasonably priced (< $2K), well made rectangular marble coffee table for a fairly low 88" couch. Any suggestions?
The Daytona is a beautiful watch, no question. However, it is so ubiquitous, I don't think I would ever buy one. I know it sounds like a silly reason but there are probably 5+ people I work with who have them (NYC finance). Perhaps in some circles this is less of a concern.
Not loving the Glashutte. I think the Senator looks better with a less cluttered dial. ALS up/down is spectacular.
I used to work for Rosenbaum lolz.
Easy DL PR last night - 3 sets of 5 reps at 295lbs. Struggled with the second set but on the last set everything clicked, could have done a couple more reps. Grip is starting to slip but only when I don't have sufficient drive through the legs - end of sets, higher weights etc. I think it is more of a strength issue then a grip issue. May try chalk. Have lost some weight, down to 180 from 210. Abs are visible. Probably 10% BF.
Alright, looking for input on what to do with the below space. Initially I had thought about leaning a large mirror against the wall but havent found one thus far that I have taken to. Artwork is a possibility but not my forte and is likely to result in me not filling the space at all. Furniture would be the most functional but the piece is not obvious given the restrictions on depth. The wall is 7' across and about 5' to the side table. Ceiling is 10'.
New Posts  All Forums: