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Just be patient and see if it kicks in automatically in the next pay cycle. If not, go talk to them. I don't think this is a particularly sensitive situation - they promised you a raise. If it doesn't happen automatically, I would say something along the lines of, "I am excited about the promotion and extremely grateful, however, it doesn't appear that my salary was increased, is this something you can look into?" I would probably ask HR vs. asking your line manager - it...
I think mine is a shade darker than the 60142. It really depends how you want to use it. I was drawn to the 60142 - it is an attractive color - but realized a full suit of it would just look too dandy for me. I wanted something I could wear to the office - I work in finance in NYC.
I have the W. Bill slightly lighter than navy linen suit and I highly recommend it. Perfect shade of blue, light enough that it is looks spring/summer but dark enough that it can actually be worn to meetings. Great drape and hand. Mine has patch pockets and horn buttons. Medtech got three linen suits made from NSM. Worth checking out those pics.
Is this truth? Will lifts be better preserved on a cut by a low volume / high weight routine vs. higher volume / lower weight? It feels like the latter might at least result in better physique.
Great suit, tie and PS. Burn the shirt. Not a fan of thin stripes like that.
Re cushion cases, TWAT member Belligero has a nice cushion from GP. Sorry for the messy link but it is here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/36253/the-watch-appreciation-thread/21390#post_6380434
I am 6'0" so I think I have an inch on you. From the pics I saw, it looked like you were starting from a slightly thicker base than me. I started reading this board, lifting and really eating back in August 2011. Was 135lbs at the time.
Going to put an end to my bulk. Got up to 200 - 205lbs. Original goal was 200 but wanted to push it a bit farther to build a nice base to cut down from. Would have liked to add 5-10 more lbs but have started feeling nauseous after eating and the facial aesthetics are terrible. Here are the latest pics. Going to cut down to 185lbs over the next few months.Front: [[SPOILER]] Back: [[SPOILER]]
Looks great Stitchy, I think the pupil may have exceeded the teacher. I would probably go for a little more contrast between the tie and the PS but that is a quibble. Great work.
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