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Foo - what did you decide on for the table and chairs? I need the closure.
Ceccotti has some neat tables and chairs, good recommendation.
Looks like a Shinola
Beautiful choice. Wear in good health. On a related note, I really like the JLC ultra thin duo but can't get past the numeral at 12. Oddly enough, it looks like the stainless version has sticks at 12 which I think is more balanced. I wonder what goes into the decisions on how much homogeny is desired across metals.
I tried it on at the FPJ boutique in Tokyo and it didn't speak to me. The brightness and the sheen of the blue added a certain loudness that felt inconsistent with the character of the watch. I agree that you need to try it on to see if it works for you, it isn't one size fits all.
IWC 3706 is nice but the 3705 is my favorite of the bunch.Hard to find though.
Thanks for the help. I will probably guide him towards taking the watch to Central when he is in NYC next.
Does anyone know of a good option for watch repair / servicing in Washington DC? My brother has a Longines Chrono that has stopped running. He doesnt have the papers or warranty that came with it and the watch was originally purchased on the grey market. I know that isnt a TWAT approved way to purchase and maintain watches but any help would be appreciated.
Yes. Stitchy, I am always thankful for you but this was intended for Dino.
Thanks No Frills and Stitchy. I am going to see James tomorrow and check out the wares. I have a feeling it will be a morning of extreme temptation. I will take pictures if such a practice is allowed.
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