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Wilfred died? That is quite upsetting. He will be missed.
JLC Polaris
Last weekend, a rare opportunity to wear black tie - a "Midnight in Paris" themed birthday party. I guess i stretched the theme a bit as I was the only one who showed up in formal wear but I had no problem with that. I had this tuxedo made by Chan about 8 years ago. My weight has yo-yo'd quite a bit since then and the tuxedo has alternated between too big and too small - I wear it rarely so the fit is a surprise each time. As it turns out, I am just about back where I...
That Lange is too "top heavy" for me. I need something on the bottom half of the dial to balance out the high logo - either a seconds dial or some text.
The new (old) watch is a GMT 1675 from the late 60s. I have been lusting after this watch for a number of years, certainly in part because of all the pictures I saw in this thread. About 9 months ago, I came upon an intriguing example of a 1675 on Instagram via analog/shift. After a number of forum members vouched for a/s, i visited James (the founder/CEO) at his office in NY. For anyone that is interested in vintage watches, I would definitely recommend spending time with...
Finally pulled the trigger on a watch I had been eying for years. Will post pictures over the weekend. It is pre-1970.
I am hosting a gathering at my apartment where I will be pairing classical music and wine. I am looking for a red burg (will be paired with the Beethoven triple concerto) and a white burg (for the Academic Festival). Looking to spend about $50 per bottle and wine needs to be ready to drink. Any ideas?
I have the navy with red windowpane made up from NSM and the brown with blue windowpane from Ercoles. I highly recommend both. I think they are the right balance of subtlety vs assertiveness which is hard to find in windowpanes.
Congrats on the Explorer II. I find it much more attractive on a strap / nato than the bracelet. Does anyone else share that view? Can't really explain why.
I have now been running novice Sheiko for a couple of weeks. A few observations: - the upper body work has been easy. The lower body work has been moderately challening, particularly the box squats. I have spent far more time training upper than lower historically so this is to be expected - recovery has not been too bad, much easier on the upper body than lower - it has hard to tell if the program is "working." I am used to linear progression in which you are able to...
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