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I have now been running novice Sheiko for a couple of weeks. A few observations: - the upper body work has been easy. The lower body work has been moderately challening, particularly the box squats. I have spent far more time training upper than lower historically so this is to be expected - recovery has not been too bad, much easier on the upper body than lower - it has hard to tell if the program is "working." I am used to linear progression in which you are able to...
I will stick with it and see how it goes.
Started novice Sheiko today. I expected it to crush me but it really wasn't that bad. I actually breezed through it in about 45 minutes. I am guessing this means: 1. I went too light on the weights. My understanding is that weight is generally supposed to be 60% of 1RM. I was probably a little lower than that but didn't want to burn out too quickly 2. I didn't rest enough between sets. Perhaps the answer is both 1 and 2.
What is BGSS?
I have been in IBD for nine years. I generally work 9am - 7pm-ish, travel a fair bit though.
Thanks everyone for the feedback. I probably should have clarified that some weeks I will make it to the gym more than four days a week and therefore end up with an extra chest day or extra shoulder day. Based on what I am hearing that still doesnt address the issue. I will look into some of the cycles that Conceptionist suggested and think about retooling my routine to hit more bodyparts at lower volumes more frequently.I tore the labrum in my hip a few years ago and...
Thanks for all the help. Below is what I have been running, it probably most closely resembles starting strength big but boring.Day 1 - Bench- 3 x 5 paused bench- 3 x 15 touch and go bench (at 60% of paused bench lbs)- 3 x 15 close grip bench- 3 x 15 decline bench- 3 x 10 cable pec fly- 3 x 12 bicep curlDay 2 - Deadlift- 3 x 5 deadlift- 3 x 10 lower weight deadlift (60%)- 3 x 15 pull-throughs- 3 x 15 lunges- 3 x 15 random quad machineDay 3 - OHP- 3 x 15 seated barbell...
So I can increase calories gradually and not become fat?
Need RHET help. I bulked from 135 to 210 a couple years ago and then cut down to 180 where I have been for 9 or so months. I have no desire to bulk or cut any more, generally happy with the way I look (probably somewhere between GN and TK on aesthetics) and want to continue to fit into my clothing. I was hoping to stay at 180 and gradually recomp. However, weights really haven't moved up much nor have my aesthetics improved over the last nine months. I am at the gym 4-5...
Live in alphabet city aka the eastern-most part of the East Village. Great bars and restaurants, you can get a solid 1BR for a reasonable price east of avenue B and you can bike or walk to NYU. I assume you will probably go to the NYU gym.
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