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There's always a catch.I'm intrigued though why Loake do all these MTOs for the Swedish market, and seem to release new models or variations of existing shoes there first.
I've stumbled across the motherlode of Loake MTO shoes. In Sweden naturally. https://www.careofcarl.com/cgi-bin/ibutik/AIR_ibutik.fcgi?funk=steg_tva&artgrp=&varumarke=&limit=59&extra=&Betyg=&Sort=PublDat&Visn=Lista2VARUM&Kampanj_ID=&visa=ALLA&filter=&f=&slide=0
Came home today with a nice pair of Bally black cap toes. Made in Italy. They are size 9.5 but I don't know if that's a UK or US size. No European size on the she to double check. Anyone know what system Bally uses? I'm in the UK so I'd guess it's a UK size, but ant to make sure.
My birthday's in two weeks and I was thinking of buying myself a pair of the burgundy balmoral boots, but they seem to have disappeared from the website. https://www.meermin.es/catalogo.php?idFamilia4=5&idFamilia3=1 Anyone know about this or know if they will ever return?
No.What was wrong with the old system where you could play around with different colour options on the website?
CUSTOM COLOR NEUMOK SHOES are back, but with even more limited options and, bizarrely, now they are phone order only. http://www.allenedmonds.com/custom-color-neumok-shoes.html
I'm wondering it the fur lining makes a difference to sizing?
Thanks for posting those pics.Herring sent me a discount coupon and I'm tempted by the suede Pimlicos.Almost bought them in the Pediwear sale last month.
It's a long shot, but some of the Loake shoes that they can get in Sweden eventually show up in the regular production line.http://www.loake.se/blogg/2016/01/11/ss16-nyheterGoogle translates it like this...
Earlier today... Vintage overcoat bought from TweedyDon on AAAC, worn over BB check tweed jacket, and yellowish tweed waistcoat I bought in Dingle on New Year's Eve. Jonathan Richards cap also from that trip to Dingle. Lochcarron black watch tie.
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