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Bespoke POW suit dating from 1979. Made by local tailor Stanley Peake of Maidenhead. Excellent condition two button suit. Trousers with double pleats and button side adjustors.
No big deal to those of you in the US, but round these parts, where the charity shops are just full of M&S ties, and ugly polyester, this was quite the surprise. Got it for £1 too.
An assortment of ties. Three by Carnaval De Venise. Pink one by Lanvin of Paris. Middle one by Jonelle. Red with camels by Austin Reed. And for the trads.
Wow !What are those boots?
Thanks.I was wondering if they were a returned MTO, but I think you've identified them, although mine do not have FSC printed inside.They have very a plain AE branded footbed.Code numbers are 5602 and 31309.Are they even on the 7 last?Might email Allen Edmonds and investigate further.Bought them from an ebay store called "Steve's Name Brand Shoes", where they were listed as walnut.I have some AE blue laces I might try with them.UPDATE: I contacted customer services at AE...
New stuff to me.
Walnut AE MacNeils have arrived. Bought on ebay from "Steve's Name Brand Shoes", they are stamped inside and on the soles with the words "No Warranty", but otherwise seem in fine shape. Look to have been tried on and then returned. No wear at all on the heels. $130.
I used to have a pair of the tan and brown.Remember they are a G fitting and maybe drop down half a size from your regular.Mine were 7.5G and at the time I bought them I was sure I was 7.5.They were far too big for me, given I now wear a 7F in the Capital last.Sold them on eBay for about half what I paid, but I would keep them in mind to buy again.Good quality for the price.
Currently travelling for about ten days and for some reason bringing a few ties with me, though occasions to wear one are few. I did have then hanging from a tie hanger in a suit bag, but her at my father's house have dug out an antique leather tie box which doubtless belonged to some long gone ancestor. I know ties were shorter in days gone by and I might have six ties a bit squashed in there, but which is the preferred way to pack ties when travelling?
New Posts  All Forums: