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Hyde boots.Size 7 F.Sole width at widest point - 11cm or 4 3/8".Sole length - 30cm or 11 3/4".
I can do that for you with a size 7 boot, but later this morning.Watch this space.
This is just my opinion, but I'd stick with 10.5 if I were you.I have the Strand in a 7 and recently got the Hyde boots on the same Capital last in a 7. The boots are roomier and I ended up putting insoles in them.
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Loake-Mens-Burford-Brown-Suede-Brogue-Boots-Welted-Leather-Sole-F-Fitting-/171513805348?pt=UK_Men_s_Shoes&var=&hash=item27ef04fa24£120.Normal retail is £210.These are not seconds either.
Impulse buy as they were selling at big discount on the Loake Factory Outlet ebay store. Burford suede boots. Got the last pair in my size.
Great stuff.I have burgundy Strands, and just recently bought brown Hyde boots. Strangely the Hydes are a bit more roomy then the Strands.And, on Saturday I ordered suede Burford boots, at a great discount, from the Loake Factory Outlet on ebay.
Fair play on finding a great deal on Loakes in Ireland.I'm from Dublin, but live in England, and as with most other things, am amazed by the high prices in Dublin shoe shops. And they mostly carry the lower range shoes.Mail order from the UK should be viable. Try Herring Shoes, Pediwear or Shoehealer. I only have experience with Herring myself, but they are great when it comes to customer service. No idea what they charge to ship to Ireland.One other option is up the road...
I'm in England, and so had to order using the print out AE sizing guide.Have BB Sheltons, BB MacNeils and a pair of Schautals in 8.5D.The Sheltons are a very snug, but comfortable fit, while the MacNeils okay, and the Schautals, which should be identical, arel very slightly long.I'm trying to figure out if 8D or 8E would suit me best.Too much of a gamble from across the Atlantic.Roll on the Allen Edmonds European store which the CEO mentioned a while back.Hope it ends up...
Thanks for the suede info, but 10.5 is a bit big for me.
I want another pair of boots for the coming winter, and suede Kemptons are on my shortlist.Not sure if suede will put up with a winter of grubby footpaths and wet grass though, so Herring's Gosforth in tan calf might be a better bet.
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