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As far as I know, discount codes don't work with any sale products.
Anyone have the Stratford boots in black, and willing to post few photos?
Yes.My Woodstocks were great, but bought online at a time when I was just discovering decent shoes, and wasn't too sure of my proper size. Hence they were half a size too big, and being a G fitting didn't help either.Sold them on e-bay after a year for 50% of what I'd paid. Not too bad.
Similar to my old Loake Woodstocks.Sold them but may buy another, better fitting pair sometime.First saw the Bibury on this Korean shoe blog, and decided they were a pretty cool, and relatively low cost option.Since I have burgundy Loake Strands, and burgundy Allen Edmonds Sheltons, it's a bit hard to justify at the moment.For some reason I can't link to their very nice photos, or post them...
Got any good photos of the Biburys?I'm tempted to buy a pair myself.
First find of the new year. Charvet tie, bought to flip, but I might just keep it.
Three recent cap purchases. From left to right. A Harris Tweed cap bought from a local street market, and made by B. Luft of Manchester. Not 100% happy with the shape of it, but I'm sure it will be fine, given time. Then, two caps from Kevin & Howlin of Dublin. I was in Dublin over Christmas and popped into their January sale. Not huge reductions but I rarely get to central Dublin, so I bought two. A check "Gatsby" style cap, and a blue one that they call a "Quiet Man"...
Wore my brown Hyde boots yesterday for the first time in a while.Always look good.Walk on the beach.Inchadoney Beach, West Cork, Ireland.
First day wearing the new Sheltons.
Two pairs of Sheltons have made their way across the Atlantic for me to try on.
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