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Just wondering if Loake will repair shoes if you've just had the heels done somewhere else.After all, the heels usually need replacing long before the soles.The heels on my Herring Gosforth Dainite soled chukka boots could do with replacement, but the soles have plenty of life in them.
It seems the Swedes also have a brown suede option for the Hyde boot.http://www.loake.se/blogg/2015/10/07/hyde-brown-suede-mtoMade to order for "CareofCarl.se", but I get the feeling that Loake sometimes use Sweden to test the waters for new versions.The burgundy Burfords showed up there several months before the rest of us got them..
You guys should come up with better handles than a name and a date and then one post each if you're going to advertise like this.
Ending Sunday. Wonderful Red Silk Tie by T.M. Lewin - with semaphore signallers - LI XCI Beautiful Duchamp Blue Label Silk Tie Superb Bespoke Suit by Norton & Townsend, Made for Jeremy Paxman - 44L Hackett Pin-Striped Suit 44L Superb Baby Camel Hair Jacket by Pringle of Scotland - 40L Fabulous Duchamp Jacquard Shirt with Floral Pattern - Lilac Pink - 16.5 Collar
Duchamp jacquard floral shirt, and a pair of C & J shoe trees.
Thanks.I think that was me asking about the Conistons a while back.I've ended up spending the money of some GMO Meermins which haven't arrived yet, and a pair of Allen Edmonds boots, which are also in transit.
Just got an e-mail from Pediwear which may be of interest to potential Loake buyers in certain countries.....I can't cut and paste their graphic with a number of flags, but the countries are Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Chile, Russia, and Switzerland.
Zanella flat front houndstooth trousers. Tagged 54 Italian. Marks & Spencer sport coat, but very nice. Sadly it's a 48L. And just now a Crombie, wool & cashmere navy blazer which is a perfect fit. Someone has removed all it's cuff buttons but I guess I can replace all buttons with pewter now.
I don't own a pair, but I have heard that the Loake Tweed is top quality and in the Shoemaker range.Anyway, here's a bit of a PSA.After standing in a cold field at my daughter's football practice on Saturday morning, I was contemplating a pair of Loake Wolf lined sheepskin boots, and did a quick search.Robinson's in Northern Ireland had a great deal on them. £211 instead of the usual £265, and they also had great reductions on a number of other popular Loake shoes and...
I think his awful photos must be a deliberate ploy to hide any faults. Nobody takes photos that bad.Yes you can get good ties from him, at good prices and with free shipping, but it can be a gamble.Got a Dunhill tie from him once that had a stain on the front which he'd never mentioned.Gave him negative feedback and he was on my case right away in a very rude way, demanding I change the feedback.When I said the tie had a big stain his response was basically "Well what do...
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