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They did seem to delay it a bit, and yes, there's very little quality stuff on offer.Glad I took the plunge on 2 pairs of Allen Edmonds last month.The Herring sale back at Christmas time was so much better, but I'd no money to spend at the time.
The Herring Shoes sale has just started today, but they don't really have much good stuff in the sale this year.
Careful now.I wore red trousers myself on the Saturday.
Slight correction.... The Herring Burgh is on the 024 last.
The 175th Henley Royal Regatta has just ended, when the world's rowers and their admirers come to loiter on the banks of the Thames, dressed in their finest. Due to family commitments, I didn't get to spend as much time there as I'd have liked, but here are a few photos from Friday morning. And some people eschewed the traditional blazer for a distinctive style all their own.
Check out Herring Shoes who have quite a few models on the 026 last, made by Loake.I don't own a pair, but have heard very good things about the "Tweed".Looking at the Shoemaker range though, I noticed the women's "Godiva" boot.Is there anything that would stop this being worn by a man?I don't see any other Dainite soled jodhpur boots on the market.
Thanks.Loake Asquith.
Had these crazy Hiltl trousers shortened by the well known London tailors I always use, but to me they are still far too long. Does everyone agree?
Saw a guy wearing a seersucker jacket and blue chinos the other day. He was wearing burgundy bluchers and it worked well.
I tried a pair of Loake Royal brogues once but found them a bit narrow in the toe box for me. Sold them on, on bay, for twice what I'd paid for them.I agree about he thin sole, as that's something I find with my pair of Strands.No such thin sole issues with the AE MacNeils I'm wearing this morning.
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