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Earlier this month I was in a Brooks Brothers outlet on my birthday, and ended up coming home with this 1818 Milano unlined jacket. On clearance for a quarter it's original price.
Sadly, the Litchfield is a discontinued model.
I should have bought those Stratford boots last week. Herring have just raised prices a little. Shoes that were £185 have gone to £195, and £195 has risen to £210.
I'm mainly a stay at home dad, looking after the kids. Dropping them off to school and picking them up in the afternoon. Before this I spent years working in the movie business. T shirt and jeans and Doc Martens was pretty much it on a film set.I can wear what I like, but since I've become more sartorially minded in the past 2 or 3 years, I've felt slightly constrained by what I can wear, especially in the past year, when I have slowly built up a small collection of ties....
Picked up these lightly worn Grenson Glenn boots on ebay. Despite being a G fitting, with the addition of an insole, they are a great fit, and very comfortable. Just can't really figure out what trousers they go best with. Wearing them with jeans today, and visually it doesn't work.
First thing you need to do is get some socks.
Strangely I can't find any photos of the Beaufort with Google image search.I remember the Loake shop in London had them on clearance late last year, selling for about £135 I think.Remember it's made on the Swing last, so is a generous fit.EDIT: Just saw that there are some Beauforts on sale from the Loake Factory Outlet ebay store, for £120.Limited sizes...
Ending on Sunday....... Bespoke Houndstooth Jacket - Tailored for singer Frankie Vaughan - 44R Bespoke Houndstooth Jacket Tailored for the English pop singer Frankie Vaughan by Max Freeman of Leeds. Bespoke, but roughly works out to a 44R Double vent Slanted hacking pockets Ticket pocket Two inside pockets Half canvassed Quality
The Canning looks like a good, sturdy shoe, and Herring are great, but I wouldn't call it a longwing.For UK made longgwings, I like the look of Cheaney's own Victor shoe.http://cheaney.co.uk/classic/206/victor-brogue-in-burnished-chestnut-with-mahogany-grainhttp://cheaney.co.uk/classic/216/victor-brogue-in-burnished-chestnut-with-donegal-fabricOr the Belgrade, by Sanders.http://www.pediwear.co.uk/sanders/products/5869.php....but now we're getting off the subject of Loake's.
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