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"Tougher leather" is probably just lower quality leather.There's an awful lot of variation in a hide and the more expensive cuts of leather would no doubt go to more expensive shoes.Here's a handy guide from Justin FitzPatrick, The Shoe Snob.http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2013/06/leather-quality-how-it-varies.html
Herring seem to be sourcing more and more shoes from Spain in the past year or so, and less from their traditional supplier, Loake.
It may be August, but the weather here is like late October, and today the high is forecast to be just 15 degrees. Thought I'd try on a pair of excellent tweed trousers I e-thrifted over the summer. Came all the way from Texas. Harris Tweed jacket by Dunn in a dated cut, but still great.
£25 is not too bad, given that my local shoe repair shop charges £20 to replace leather heels.I have had a full resole done by Loake, on a pair of Herring boots that developed a flaw. All done free of charge by Herring, but the workmanship by Loake was first rate and the soles and heels looked like brand new boots when I got them back.
Just listed... Bespoke P.O.W. / Glen Plaid suit. Approx 40R - 42R. Maybe even suit a 42S s the jacket length is shorter than usual. The tailor is Stanley Peake of Maidenhead, England. As it's quite heavy, I haven't listed any international shipping, but if anyone is interested, I can check out the options. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Beautiful-Bespoke-P-O-W-Suit-40R-42R-/141383082224
I've acquired an old Harris Tweed sport coat that belonged to my father. He hasn't worn it in years and it's an okay, but slightly tight in the chest, fit on me. Just need to get a button replaced and small hole repaired. Could be a cigarette burn.
Bespoke POW suit dating from 1979. Made by local tailor Stanley Peake of Maidenhead. Excellent condition two button suit. Trousers with double pleats and button side adjustors.
No big deal to those of you in the US, but round these parts, where the charity shops are just full of M&S ties, and ugly polyester, this was quite the surprise. Got it for £1 too.
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