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Has anyone got the Brooks Brothers Shaker Heights boot, and if so could you post photo? Is the fabric just too over the top and loud?
I'd echo Casablanca's advice to stick with the same size as your Chesters, as the boots are on the same last.I've owned a pair of Herring Shoes Burgh boots which are made by Loake and exactly the same as the Burford, but bought them in size 8 rather than my usual 7.5. They were factory seconds at half regular price, which spurred me on, but they were very comfortable, and though bruised and battered and with their second leather soles now worn through, I still drag them...
This is not strictly a Loake question, but has anyone here ever bought shoes from the Scottish shop, Colin White Menswear?They stock Loake shoes and boots and usually have prices about 10% less then anywhere else.I first came across them about two years ago, but still haven't bought anything from them. Posted a query about the store either on Styleforum or AAAC but nobody had any information about them.For example, the have the Loake Burford boot for £211.50, not £235, and...
I have the Hydes and think they're great. Maybe a bit more dressy. Quite a thin sole on them and I have insoles in mine.
Typing this on my phone so not convenient to look up specs, but off the topog my head the Dalton is a slightly taller boot. With 7 eyelets compared to 6 on the Burgord. Dalton looks a bit more substantial from photos I've seen anyway. Haven't seen any in the flesh so to speak., and AE are hard to come by on this side of the Atlantic. Dalton has a double leather sole with no Dainite option but can be had with the combo tap sole for $40 extra
Thanks a million for the photos. The boots look great and I think I'll have to get a pair.'Oxblood AE Daltons are top of my wish list, but they have a leather sole and are far more expensive, and the Dainite is far better for the rough footpaths I gave to walk in winter
Thanks for the quick reply.The burgundy Burfords are on my shortlist.I was interested in the Epsom because a hardly worn pair popped up on ebay for a very good price, but someone snapped them up with a "Buy it now" while I was deliberating.If you get a chance, could you post a photo of your Burfords sometime.I've seen very nice photos of them online, on the Loake Sweden site,but the studio shots of them from Loake themselves don't look as good with, in my opinion, over the...
Did you ever get the Epsom shoes?Thinking ahead to winter and considering my options.Definitely will get a pair of boots, but a sturdy rubber soled shoe could be another addition if finances hold out.Not so sure about the "waxy" finish though.
Not something you find everyday. Morning dress for Ascot, and a good fit on me, so I had to buy it, even though I'll have few opportunities to ever wear it. Moss Bros, and probably an ex-rental suit, but in superb condition.
Yes, I had my 024 Burford boots stretched but it didn't make a difference and I've now sold them.I think the issue is more to do with the Capital being slightly large.I'm in England, but have a few pairs of Allen Edmonds shoes, all in 8.5D US size, and a UK 7.5F fits me best, but for Capital last shoes, it's a 7F.
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