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Great, thanks.
This maybe a very basic question, but what last was the Shaker Heights made on? Since the model has been discontinued, I can't find out on the AE website. Also, if I wear the MacNeil and the Shelton in a size 8.5D, would that be a good bet for the Shaker Heights? I'm in Europe so can't get to try them on in person before buying, but I might fancy the Brooks version of the Shaker Heights.
Nice Hilditch & Key shirt, and a much better selection of ties than one can usually find around here. Ties weren't even on a rail, but all jumbled up in a basket on the floor. Must go check that shop again sometime soon.
Found a very nice pink shirt by Emanuele Maffeis, a brand I'd never heard of before, but BNWT so I had to take it home. http://www.emanuelemaffeis.it/eng/maffeis.html Haven't measured it yet, but looks a bit big for me. Here's more about the brand from Simon Crompton of Permanent Style. http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2013/01/emanuele-maffeis-shirts.html
Wore my Hyde boots yesterday.Mine felt a bit big so I put insoles in them which really improves the feel of the thin sole.
Good to hear.I've used Pinnas & Needles a few times and although their workmanship is first rate, I've sometimes been disappointed with their measurements.One pair of trousers I had shortened there is still far too long. Two pairs of trousers could have been taken in a bit more in the waist, and on one jacket the sleeves could have been shortened another 1/4 inch.I don't live in London so only get in occasionally and drop items off there and generally have had them...
Thanks.Yes my experience with the 024 is the opposite of what you read everywhere.They are currently with the local shoe repair shop getting stretched for width.
I know this is the Loake thread, but can I digress slightly and ask a question about Barkers? Barkers seem to be totally neglected online. Maybe something to do with their absence from the US market. They are Loake's main competition in the UK market. Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has shoes made on the Barker 386 last and how they compare to the Loake Capital for fit. I have three pairs of Loake on the Capital and to me they seem to run a little big for the size....
Just checked and I had listed them as beige on the drop down menu, and then compared them to Gap khaki pants when he had contacted me to ask about colour.I've never offered returns and the item was listed as "no returns".
Before I go on to the ebay help forums, can anyone give me some advice with something that's popped up today?Last Sunday I sold a pair of Incotex trousers to a buyer who had previously contacted me asking about the colour.I replied, giving my opinion on the colour, and he then went ahead, bid on them several times and won the auction.Now he's received the item he claims the colour is not as described and seems to be angling for his money back.I had listed them with no...
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