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Anyone else ordered MTO boots way back in September for November delivery?Getting close to Christmas now and still no word from Meermin. I'll be away for 10 days over Christmas, which is probably when they'll end up arriving.
Picked up a tie this afternoon. Can anyone help identify the label? Is it John Wanamaker? Thanks. Hand Made in Italy, it says on a second label, but nothing else.
Just got some Herring Langdale boots in their Black Friday sale at 25% discount.
Someone else shilling for Alterations Tailors who has just joined and has one post?
Meermin just sent me an e-mail announcing these burgundy Balmoral boots as a regular production model. https://www.meermin.es/articulo.php?idArt=4665#
The Swedish Loake site also has these "Berkeley" shoes on the 1639 last, and I can find no mention of them on the UK site. Mahogany grain leather with a Dainite sole. And, speaking of European Loake sites, I've just discovered they also have a Polish website. http://blog.loakepolska.pl .
The Swedes now also have MTO Suede Hyde boots, should anyone be interested.
Due to a non-paying, non-communicating time-waster, I have just re-listed a pair of Crockett & Jones Coniston Boots - Size 10.5 UK Also selling a nice pair of Church's black captoe shoes with combo, rubber and leather soles. Perfect rainy day shoe in polished binder leather. - Size 10.5 UK Apart from footwear, I have a great charcoal grey overcoat by John G. Hardy. Size 44R. And a good selection of ties. Dark red grenadine by T.M....
Thanks.I'm actually from Dublin, but I would never have recognised it from that handwriting.
Cross post from the Thrift store thread... Found a pair of Church's shoes today, but need a little help figuring out which model these are. Black captoes. Polished binder leather with a combo leather and rubber sole. I can decipher the lettering inside to see they are size 10.5 F on a 135 last, but beyond that I can't read the model name. Any ideas? Looks to be quite a wide looking shoe despite being an F fitting.
New Posts  All Forums: