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Question for fashion historians and also tailors. I've recently bought a vintage Harris Tweed jacket for my wife, online. She's got it today, and sent me a photo. One thing the vendor failed to mention is, that although this is very definitely a woman's jacket, feminine cut, woman's sizing etc... the buttons are as a man's jacket. It buttons left over right. I'm guessing it dates from the 1980's. Was there ever a time when women's coats buttoned like this? Or was...
I have Loake Strand, and Hyde, both on the Capital last, and both in 7F, and recently got suede Burford boots on the 024, also in 7F.First thing I'd say is that the Hydes are roomier. I put insoles in them.Have just worn the new Burfords once, but they feel fine, and I'd say go for your usual size. I don't feel them to be sized larger. I did have thick socks on, but it is winter, and I can wear the same thick socks with the Hydes.
Congratulations.The Stratford boot has been on my wish list for a while.Sadly I too am broke, and have too many shoe purchases already this year.
Just listed.....Crombie Brown Moleskin Jacket - 42S - Superb ConditionPurple Silk Tie by Thomas Pink, Jermyn Street - Hand Made in EnglandReal Ancient Madder Paisley Silk Tie - Hand Made by AttreesEarlier this year, one of these sold on ebay for £225 !Guy Laroche, Paris - Silk Tie
Got that e-mail earlier this evening.So tempting.Must resist.
Thanks.Yes, I'll contact the local branch tomorrow and hopefully they use the same tags.
Argh !!!Just realised the cashier left an electronic tag in the sleeve of this Canali jacket that will explode with red and blue ink if I try to remove it.Store is a 90 minute drive away.
Look like Kemptons to me.
Torrential rain all day here but I came home with the following. Quick and dirty photos with them laid across my desk. Royal Canadian Mounted Police tartan tie by Lochcarron. Ancient Madder paisley tie. Canali cashmere and wool sport coat, for Harrods of London. I haven't measured it yet but the Italian size is 56. Baby camel hair blazer by Pringle of Scotland . Made in Italy, and so so soft. Got a discount on this because of a dirty mark on the sleeve. Size...
Just listed...Alfred Sargent Euston Brown Suede Brogues - UK Size 8.5 FXHackett - Irish Linen Suit - 42R - Navy Blue
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