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Today. Ended up ditching the cravat before I left the house though.
Ending on Sunday.
A few shirts. Not bad but not too exciting. Then a half hour drive to another town and nothing. But in the last place I looked, just as I was about to head home. A Huntsman of Savile Row shirt, and then, on the next rack, a Huntsman DB suit with two pairs of trousers. Not bespoke, OTR and made in Italy, but top quality.
Here's a blazer I picked up last week. 38S when I usually wear 40S in most jackets. Thought the arms would need shortening as they are bizarrely long for the tagged size, but what needs pst attention are the shoulders. Got the measuring tape out once I got it home, and they are 20" across, which is huge for a 38S jacket. So here's a photo. Arm length doesn't look as bad as I first though, but what can be done with the shoulders? For comparison, here's a 40S Daks...
This morning. Two nice Eton shirts and one from Pal Zileri. 16 & 16.5. Left another Eton behind due to a collar that was starting to fray, and also left a Faconnable shirt, but may go back for that one.
Hmmm...I listed a Hermes tie for sale there the other day and as I was submitting it a warning popped up about posting counterfeit goods, and checking if I was sure my item was genuine. Had never got that before. Must be triggered by the word Hermes.Anyway, my listing went without a hitch other than that and has been live for a few days with no other input from ebay.Saw you post on the other thread and was wondering when your auctions would start.30 time I guess, unless...
Nice one Erik.Are those Loake Hyde boots?EDIt: Never mind, I see that they are.http://www.styleforum.net/t/79083/recent-purchases/14730#post_7360921Are they comfortable though, with suitably robust sole?Many Loakes have a thin sole.
What's your verdict on Bexley shoes?
3 patch pocket navy blazer from M&S 40S Brooks Brother Loro Piana trousers 40 x 32
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