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First day wearing the new Sheltons.
Two pairs of Sheltons have made their way across the Atlantic for me to try on.
Hopes may rise on the GrassmereBut Honey Pie, you're not safe hereSo you run downTo the safety of the town
I'm putting the Langdale on my wish list for next winter.I've already bought two pairs of Loake boots in the past three months so can't justify another purchase just yet. (To my wife anyway).
A new release, the Chester in burgundy.On the same Swedish Loake site, I also saw this shoe, the Westminster, which is not on the main, UK Loake website.EDIT: Found them, but still not on the Loake website. Westminster is from the Shoemaker range and may well be discontinued.
I got the following advice from an Allen Edmonds store I contacted in New York about the fit of Shelton.Can any other Shelton wearers out there confirm this?Do the Sheltons generally run a bit tight?
Subtract half a size?Is there a consensus on this?I'm just a hair over the line of a size 8 on that size guide. AE recommends going up to the next line, making me 8.5.Should I ignore that and stick to a size 8D?
Thanks.Yes I think both of those factors are at play here. The used shoes hop doubt have been stretched a bit, and I contacted AE and been told that the Poron insoles do affect sizing.So I was about to exchange my new pair of 8.5D Sheltons for 8D when I got the following conflicting opinions from two other AE stores.Now more confused than ever.
Does a Poron insole affect sizing. I have two pairs of AE Brooks Brothers shoes with the Poron insole, MacNeil and Shelton, and since I'm in Europe and far from any AE store, they were bought with the aid of the print out size guide from the AE website. Both 8.5D. Both fit very well, and in the case of the Shelton, maybe a little snug. A few months ago I bought another pair of MacNeils, (or Schautals, as I later found out they were), also 8.5D, but with the regular AE...
Wearing my new Burford suede boots today. Their second outing.I think all the talk about the 024 being a bit roomy to allow for thicker socks is a bit odd.If anything, these are slightly less roomy in the toe area than the Capital.Stick with your regular size is my advice.
New Posts  All Forums: