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Last week the Loake factory outlet ebay store was selling black Hyde boots for £120, and I almost bought the last pair in my size, but then they suddenly pulled them all.I hesitated because I already have Meermin boots on order and couldn't really justify buying both.Well, I probably could justify it, but my wife would have a different opinion.I think Loake should also make the Hyde in burgundy.
I have the regular brown version.I have seen the brown grain version from a few online retailers like Pediwear and Herring, but have never seen them in the flesh.There is also another "two-tone" version, MTO for a Swedish retailer, but I think it looks a bit odd.
I'm in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire.Paxman lives in a nearby village called Stonor.The thrifting here varies. You can find nice things sometimes but certain shops (Oxfam here & British Heart Foundation in Marlow) have ridiculous prices.Usually the the smaller towns in Oxfordshire or Berkshire have more realistic prices but not such good quality.
Any value to "celebrity" previous owners of a suit? Bought two suits this morning, one tailored for "Mr. Jeremy Paxman", and the other exactly the same size next to it on the rail, so I'm guessing it was his too. 44L. Not someone that most Americans would recognise, but here in Britain he's very well known. Like finding a suit made for Walter Cronkite perhaps. He lives about 5 miles from here, and has recently retired from his main TV job so no surprise he might be...
Excellent.I used to own a mint 1975 280Z when I lived in Los Angeles.Wish I'd brought it back to Europe.
Not an issue at all, although it probably depends more on the car.I still have a problem with my left ankle due to the clutch pedal on my old Citroen Berlingo.Heavy but the real problem was the placement of the pedal itself.Currently driving a Ford S-Max, and although I curse the car daily, the clutch is fine. Six speed manual.Once the boots are worn in there should be no issue with ankle flexibility.
Thanks,I had the burgundy version on my wish list for a while.To me the new Berne looks far too svelte, while the old Belgrade is a big no-nonsense shoe with a thick sole.I have two pairs of Allen Edmonds MacNeils, which are hard to get here in England, and the Belgrade was in that style, but maybe even beefier.
I wish you could convince Sanders to bring back the recently discontinued Belgrade longwing.The replacement Berne model looks like a poor imitation. It's no gunboat.
Ending this Sunday... Gieves Check Wool & Cashmere Sport Coat 42L - Gieves & Hawkes, Savile Row Two Vintage Doeskin Waistcoats / Vests. These are small, 36" chest. One and Two.
I've never bought anything from them yet, but you could try Colin White Menswear in Scotland, who seem to always have Loake shoes and boots at a discount. http://cwmenswear.co.uk/products/loake-aldwych-calf-oxford-black Currently £193.50 for the Aldwych there instead of the RRP of £215.
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