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Got mine in October.
And looking at Pediwear, they have the burgundy Burford too.http://www.pediwear.co.uk/loake/products/7361.php
30 minutes in any shop here and they'd probably throw you out for loitering. Most places here you can go through their entire menswear inventory in less than 3 minutes.Seems like all the local places here are slowing jacking their prices up too. Tried on a great tweed jacket from Harrods today, that has been on the rail in one store since at least mid-November, and it's a perfect fit, but they want about twice what I'd be willing to pay for it.Popped into another one up...
Bradshaw & Lloyd already have them listed on their website, although their photo doesn't look as appealing as the ones on the Swedish Loake blog. Much darker looking.I've never ordered anything from Bradshaw & Lloyd before so don't know much about them.If I was in the USA though, I'd definitely be checking out the Allen Edmonds Dalton boot in Jose's Oxblood.
I think they're already available in Sweden, but from the e-mail Loake customer services sent to me, it seems they'll be available in the UK from about the end of February.Not sure about the US, or how widely available Loake's are there.Here's the main chunk of the e-mail...
I don't know anything about the Pennine last, but given that you take a 9.5 in the 026g, I'd recommend a size 10 in the 024.Retailers always seem to say that the 024 is a "country last" sized to give you extra room for thicker socks, but in my experience, that's rubbish.I think the 024 is much shorter than the Capital in any given size.
More good news. I contacted Loake customer services, and these burgundy Burford boots will be available, along with the burgundy Chester and Taunton, from sometime in February.
I think the 97.
Things just got interesting.The blog on the Swedish Loake website is now showing Burford boots in burgundy.Nice.My Google Translate gives the following version of the Swedish text...Perhaps someone at Loake saw Allen Edmonds Daltons in the new Jose's Oxblood.Allen Edmonds Daltons.Burgundy boots are a necessity.I've been on to Herring twice to suggest they make their Stratford boot in burgundy. No luck though.
As far as I know, discount codes don't work with any sale products.
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