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Nice shoes.I have no need myself for so many black shoes but I'd love a pair of the Hyde boots, maybe before winter comes. Worried that I couldn't wear thick socks with them in my usual Capital last fit of a 7.I hadn't realised that Loake had "reclassified" the Swing as a G last. Makes sense.t have the Loake Asquiths on the Swing last, and even though I'd read they were a large fit, (Shoehealer advised dropping half a size), I have them in my regular size 7. I also ordered...
A lot of shoes that aren't in their regular line-up at all, but just pop up out of nowhere at sale time.Increasingly shoes made in Spain and not UK these days too.
Sadly Herring have jumped on the "let's stick big white clunky soles onto brogues" bandwagon. I blame Grenson for this stupid fad, but other companies should avoid lowering their standards like this. Just had an e-mail from Herring saying that many prices in their sale have now dropped to half original price. The sale has only been running since Monday. Must be a dearth of buyers, and they've realised that there's really not much on offer.
Jacket just out of the box it arrived in, all the way from the USA. Too hot for wearing it today though.
Sanders Belgrades are on my wish list.Is there somewhere selling them at a good discount?
They did seem to delay it a bit, and yes, there's very little quality stuff on offer.Glad I took the plunge on 2 pairs of Allen Edmonds last month.The Herring sale back at Christmas time was so much better, but I'd no money to spend at the time.
The Herring Shoes sale has just started today, but they don't really have much good stuff in the sale this year.
Careful now.I wore red trousers myself on the Saturday.
Slight correction.... The Herring Burgh is on the 024 last.
The 175th Henley Royal Regatta has just ended, when the world's rowers and their admirers come to loiter on the banks of the Thames, dressed in their finest. Due to family commitments, I didn't get to spend as much time there as I'd have liked, but here are a few photos from Friday morning. And some people eschewed the traditional blazer for a distinctive style all their own.
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