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First day of the Henley Regatta, so I went for a quick wander down by the river before the whole thing goes absolutely crazy later in the week. Temperature heading for 30 celsius this afternoon, so most people were ditching their jackets.
My Strand and Aldwych shoes, and Hyde boots, (all Capital last) are a size 7F, but when I bought Burford boots in a size 7F (024 last) they are too small.Since I take a US size 8.5D in all my Allen Edmonds shoes, I'm figuring my actually size is a 7.5 UK, but the Capital last is so roomy in the toe that a 7 fits me grand.Suede Burford boots going on ebay soon.
The Swing last is notoriously huge, and some shoe retailers were advising customers to drop down half a size when buying anything on that last.It used to be labelled as an F fitting, and it was only recently that Loake relabelled all Swing last shoes as G. No doubt due to everyone finding that their shoes were too big.
Very slightly tight on length, but I could live with that. You could call it snug.The main problem is they are tight on width, particularly around where my little toe goes. Left boot rubs my little toe.Had them stretched for width at the cobblers, but it hasn't made a difference.
Yes, that's why it's so weird that the 024 is the tightest fitting of all the Loake shoes I own.
I think there's a certain inconsistency in Loake sizing.My Hydes, Aldwychs, and Strands (Capital last) are a a size 7, and I've had to put insoles in the Hydes and sometimes in the StrandsStrands. On the other hand, my Burford boots (024 last), in size 7 are too small.I should have returned them right away, but wore them outside and am now planning to sell them.I also have a pair of Asquiths on the Swing last, and they of course run very large.
Ending on Sunday evening... A very nice, and rare, shirt from Emanuele Maffeis. BNWT. 16 / 35
Relisted with a lower starting price... A very nice, and rare, shirt from Emanuele Maffeis. BNWT. 16 / 35
Hopefully this isn't too much outside the scope of this thread, but can anyone recommend somewhere for vintage watch repair in London? I have an old ladies watch I'd like to get cleaned and serviced to give to my wife. It runs, but it's been in storage for at least 30 years and maybe longer. Used to belong to my farther's aunt, and most likely dates from the 20's or 30's. The brand is "Maritime", but I can't find anything about it online. No idea if it's valuable or...
Ending on Sunday..... Hilditch & Key yellow and white striped shirt. 16 / 35 And, a very nice, and rare, shirt from Emanuele Maffeis. BNWT. 16 /35
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