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Had these crazy Hiltl trousers shortened by the well known London tailors I always use, but to me they are still far too long. Does everyone agree?
Saw a guy wearing a seersucker jacket and blue chinos the other day. He was wearing burgundy bluchers and it worked well.
I tried a pair of Loake Royal brogues once but found them a bit narrow in the toe box for me. Sold them on, on bay, for twice what I'd paid for them.I agree about he thin sole, as that's something I find with my pair of Strands.No such thin sole issues with the AE MacNeils I'm wearing this morning.
Thanks to Kristle and Jill at Jeffersonville for tracking down the last pair of burgundy/black Sheltons in my size. Sheltons sadly being discontinued, but I can't believe AE would leave a saddle shoe out of the lineup for long.
Again, wandering down to the Henley Regatta. Hickey Freeman jacket. Land's End Trousers. Herring Henley Shoes. Dunhill tie. Ede & Ravenscroft PS.
Do AE outlet stores ever have discounts on 4th of July? Thinking of buying a pair today, but would I be better to wait until tomorrow? Thanks
First day of the Henley Regatta. Not 100% sure the tie works with this blazer so might quickly change that before I head out.
I've used some of these Tanger coupons at AE last year, and also got one e-mailed to me recently.Just heard from Kristle at J'ville that they can't be used on closeout shoes.
Ending on Sunday....
Excellent Magee Houndstooth Check Jacket - 44 Short
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