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Ending next Monday, September 29th. Ivory Ermenegildo Zegna Shirt 16" Pal Zileri Shirt 16" Eton of Sweden "Contemporary" Dress Shirt 16.5" Eton Ganghester 1928 Dress Shirt 16" Striped Turnbull & Asser Silk Tie
Vintage Daks tuxedo. Some slight alterations and it will be grand. And, right next to it on the rail, this bespoke ivory dinner jacket from Tom Brown tailors of Eton. My camera can't handle the contrast. Again, it needs a bit of waist suppression if I'm going to keep it. My wife is not keen on it at all.
Beautiful Double Breasted Grey Flannel Suit from H. Huntsman of Savile Row - 42R - Comes with 2 Pairs of Trousers Also a white dress shirt from Huntsman. Beautiful Magee Jacket / Sport Coat 44S / 44 Short
Ending on Sunday....
Thanks for that info.Have been trying to decide between the Hyde and the Pimlico, but I already have some burgundy chukkas.My other option is Herring's Stratford boot, made by Loake, but I was thinking a Dainite sole would be more practical over the coming winter.
But the Tauntons have a fatal flaw. That cost saving and very ugly seam on the instep.Not something you should see on a shoe in that price range.Wearing my Allen Edmonds MacNeils today.Longwings with no exposed seam, and big chunky double soles.
I love my Strands, but glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks they have very thin soles.Hyde boots are next on my wish list and I'm hoping the Dainite soles are a bit thicker.
Today. Ended up ditching the cravat before I left the house though.
Ending on Sunday.
A few shirts. Not bad but not too exciting. Then a half hour drive to another town and nothing. But in the last place I looked, just as I was about to head home. A Huntsman of Savile Row shirt, and then, on the next rack, a Huntsman DB suit with two pairs of trousers. Not bespoke, OTR and made in Italy, but top quality.
New Posts  All Forums: