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Thanks for the suede info, but 10.5 is a bit big for me.
I want another pair of boots for the coming winter, and suede Kemptons are on my shortlist.Not sure if suede will put up with a winter of grubby footpaths and wet grass though, so Herring's Gosforth in tan calf might be a better bet.
As far as I know they just have an eBay store.Bought a pair of Hyde boots from them a few weeks ago.Great price and quick shipping.
Ending on Sunday. Huntsman Corduroy trousers. And just listed, Magee Corduroy trousers. 38" waist.
Justin FitzPatrick sells some lightweight "Travel Shoe Trees".http://www.theshoesnob.com/collections/shoe-care/products/travel-man-s-shoe-trees
Loake's Swedish site offers a "sneak peek" at some new designs out early next year.
Nordstrom cashmere tie and a Canail tie.
Wearing mine again today.Had a pair of insoles in the wardrobe and put them in. Even more comfortable and makes the soles fell a little thicker too.
There's been considerable interest in the first pair of Huntsman Corduroy trousers I'm selling... And now the second pair, in light brown / tan, has gone live.
If you're thinking of the Burford boot in suede, have a look at the Loake Factory Outlet store on ebay.£120.I'm tempted myself.http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Loake-Mens-Burford-Brown-Suede-Brogue-Boots-Welted-Leather-Sole-F-Fitting-/171484566632?pt=UK_Men_s_Shoes&var=&hash=item27ed46d468
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