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Gentleman- we are working hard to finish up production on this round. There will be two new models- a boot and a loafer and some exciting new leathers such as Ilcea's radica (among others). If you are in the NYC area from March 1st-4th, please stop by Kent Wang's trunk show on to see some of the models in person: http://www.kentwang.com/ny . For those of you that cannot make it, I will be posting some photos here shortly. Thanks for your continued support!
Been busy working on a few new things guys... If anyone has questions, please email me at dclewisfootwear@gmail.com. I will get to emails much faster. 300+ pairs being made at the moment. Stay tuned...
You can contact me at dclewisfootwear@gmail.com Thanks, David
Prices reduced on the remaining pairs
End of next week guys. Thanks so much for your patience
From Drop Box
That's correctI've got a few sample models for sale here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/289450/d-c-lewis-sample-model-sale-shell-cordovan-boots-etc
A little birdie dropped these off:From UntitledFrom UntitledFrom UntitledSoon
When I first started, I had a few sample models made and now they are for sale. Some are labeled under the original line's name, Distinctive Footwear. These models have a beveled sole. These models may or may not be available in the future. I definitely plan on incorporating shell cordovan into the rotation eventually, but it will be some time due to the shortage of the material (so please don't ask). This is all I have for now. Please send questions or requests to...
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