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Great line up, what lasts are you using?
I have the oxblood
Herring has better service, and quality more reliable than Meermin, I rather take high quality goodwear than average hand welt.
@DpprDr, yes, you will be ok with a UK 6F, or US 7D in leathersoul. It does have higher and very contoured heel cup, I use a customised classic last, been relasted due to a painful 1st modification. @jkater1, their leather is very stiff and will be painful if one area isn't the right fit.
Bonaudo is the supplier for brown museum to Vass, very happy with my pair.
My 2 pairs of Alfred Sargent monk's front buckle doesn't have elastic piece either, but those are the only 2 monks I have. Monks and loafers are the hardest to get the right fit, as they don't have laces.
agree with Don, EU 40
I think one size up compare to UK
BrooksLauren77, i don't find Loake crap for its price at all.
Size down 1 compare to US is pretty standard for UK shoes. But everyone's feet are different. As for leather quality, I can't tell much difference between Loake and AE personally.
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