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Yes, MTM uses blocks, but asking for a looser fit is quite common. Quite funny you commented on the show suits, did you get measured up and fitted? I don't know if P Johnson has trial suits in all sizes like Suit Shop. But as for display suits, as fxh said, they most likely are pinned in the back.
They are a MTM maker, you ask for a looser fit.....
it's the first pair that she actually likes from me, other than real women's shoes.
Lady boots from Kazuna, used a narrow male last.
I wear all cap toes, black or brown with suits only.
The shape of the shoe reminds me of a duck bill.
It uses binder leather, but charges more than Loake 1880, with an ugly duck bill last, I recommned pass on Church City range.
Well, he married a Japanese after all.
What a joke of second half by NSW.
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