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Size down 1 compare to US is pretty standard for UK shoes. But everyone's feet are different. As for leather quality, I can't tell much difference between Loake and AE personally.
@Munky, congraz on the Strand, I have the same pair. there isn't much to comment on your 3 points though as to I have never received a pair of dusty shoes, since dust don't get inside closed boxes.
totally different take on style, and different lasts
That PDF is inclusive of VAT, and VAT is 27% for Hungary
Vass standard model with trees is 360 Euro ext Vat, Bestetti RTW Blake 491.80, extra 100 for the trees. 591.80, 22% VAT is not 468
Vass is close to half the price of Bestetti RTW Blake, there is not much to compare in terms of value.
I don't find it glaring, to be honest, a bit of dark polish applied and will hide it. I got AEs and Loakes that is same, and some is better.
is UK 9 on AS too big for you? I recommend you email your foot measurement to Vass, because you may not have the best fitting shoes to start with.
ridethecliche, it's pretty standard finishing on welt for shoes at this price range.
No he didn't, but from other members, probably after May
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