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I recommend you lose the hankie on your chest pocket.
We are referring to JL.
I tend to buy all of the non day-to-day things in the household, we buy things along the way, but don't really wait for occasions. So for birthdays, anniversaries and Xmas, we just go out and spend the money on food.
RMW craftsman, jodhpurs are a pain to put on.
thanks for the write up, Leave, very keen to wait for the 6 unique styles. I have to agree with you, JL quality control on their final products, are the best out Northampton, I guess being part of Hermes definitely helps.
I think he is referring to the fact that with the prices Vass is selling direct at, makes very hard for a retailer to stock as it would not be very profitable, hence not worth the effort.
Hi Leaves, are you going the update your site to include all the stock service styles? as phillip II black is stock service, but not the brown museum.
BLNR, but it's at a different price point.
If you mean take in for a warranty repair, or service, that will not be a problem.
My first suit trousers are ok, but found the suit sleeves very tight especially in the forearms, leading to a lot of creases.Being a tailor, I just asked them to let them out, and keep the measurements for my next commissions.Give feedback to them, and work together to get a good fit, takes around 2 to 3 suits to get right, provided that you don't change your weight.
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