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agreed, JM, that Patek was an opportunistic buy after realizing how expensive is a PP perpetual calendar. A bit more thought for future buys.
Went to the AD today, trying out the RO, deciding between 41mm 15400 and 37mm 15450, my wrist is around 6.25 inch. 15202 is out of the question due to no boutiques in Australia and price. Got to say the silver petite tapisserie pattern dials are amazing, and AP having 3 sizes on the market to cater for different wrists is very considerate and smart, compare to VC overseas' one size of 42.5mm. The integrated bracelet design makes RO wears quite large vertically,...
totally agree, and always look out for Herring's 20% off and free shipping to aus
you covered your options already, I guess you can email CJ direct for service quote.I personally would just topy.
This question probably been answered before, was thinking about getting a service done on a Vacheron Constantin which I got 2nd hand some time ago. Got verified by 2 different watch makers before. but upon send the info to VC "Following your request, our experts from Vacheron Constantin Product department carefully analyzed the information received about your timepiece. They regretfully informed us that the case and movement numbers combination (xxxxx ) does not exist in...
For us Sydney people that love watches, I would highly recommend Max Schweizer Swiss Watch Service for out of warranty services. Very professional and a quick turn around time compare to manufacturer service centres, and if they are good enough for Patek's authorized service agent, I have very good faith in them.
got nothing against AEs, they are popular on SF due it's dominated by American posters, and easy of purchase and constant sales.may not be obvious from online photos, but once you have both European (like Alfred Sargent, or Vass) and AE shoes in hand there is a difference, but then, you do pay more for European shoes too.
I think it's that the shoes don't fit your fit... in comparison to my other shoes, it's pretty similar.
AS current offerings are the best quality to value from UK manufacturers. Unfortunately, your shoes ain't one of them, but how much you paid for them probably reflect on that too, I guess
no, the laces don't need to be fully closed, a small V should be there. Also, how your lace your shoes will affect it too. I recommend use Straight European Lacing. http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/straighteuropeanlacing.htm As long as you are comfortable, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
New Posts  All Forums: