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oh she does, I am transparent about shoes to a certain extent.
thanks Dino and JM, words of wisdom. Definitely need to plan my financials better and a lot more self control and consideration for my other half.Like the line in Kingsman, from Hemingway: "There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self."
Nope, I wear UK 6 in carmina and CJ, and I go .5 in EG
9.5E in most EG lasts, including their loafers.
The real problem started after she started to research my purchase and started talking to one of her friends that knows a bit little about watches. She always thought Rolex is the endgame, and my watches are not mostly not Rolex, so not too expensive. Wish it stayed that way.
I am in the same situation as your friends, Dino, pull the plug and let her find out later, or better not find out at all.... engaged and getting married in dec this year. She threatened to cancelled the wedding after discovering the value of my last purchase, so no more watch purchase before the wedding, and hiding the shoes purchases where I can too.
for me, black for formal/work, and shades of brown all other occasions including work.Can't beat a seamless wholecut.
Yeah,that is why I made the call!
I am more concerned but the ripples and bulges before the vamp.
The only comment I get is that I have problems! And nice shoes but I should get them some too.
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