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Hm, UK 6.5 in C&J would mean 40 in Vass F
I don't recommend Dark Brown Grain on the Cap toe.
"You are the master of your unspoken words, but a slave to the words you have spoken." - Winston Churchill"if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all." I am sure it's his use of "F" words and over reaction to every comment got him to this situation.
I don't think he has anything useful to add to this thread at least about shoe care other than outbursts of swearing.
Well, no need to deal with Traverscao now.
looking at the photo, it's too tight
Andrew McDonald's shoes are extremely ugly.... I don't think they compete with each other, haha.
They will open in the Strand.
Prefer the AM symbol, too bad Macclesfield came second. Can't wait for Jason to sprovide some choices for the stripes.
Mosy, my thoughts go with dddrees and zapasman. AS exclusive with free lasted shoe trees is the best value RTW shoes out there, when you enter into premium shoe land.
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