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well, I don't have crocs from other makers, so can't really compare. But the fineness of the finish is the same as other RMWs, which is not very high.
he also has ML speakers playing in the background to complete the ambiance.
Not much difference, take the cheaper one that you can get your hands on.
It's only in one colour, but all the polishing work is done by Karl Sussmann, my vendor.
For aesthetics, just take the Loake.
JM, no worries, both my partner and I totally agree with your thoughts. But I am holding her off on opening up a shared bank account until marriage!
What a good wife should do, moderate my hobbies.
she attended the dinner with me and will be paying for them, new limit is 2 pairs of Saint Crispins per year, no other shoes.
@The Ernesto the lamp is of course for shoes! Not really, Karl's hobby is doing up his house and garden, so there is a few pieces of furniture laying around. They are Prosciutto Wrapped Figs And Blue Cheese.
The patina is all Karl's work, I have yet to achieve that much shine myself. They are Saint Crispins Model 105 in Crust Leather 606.Karl has been in the menswear game for many years, he used to import EG for J. Cutler.I have only been a client of Karl's for a bit over 2 years, Chris introduced me.
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