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thanks guys, what I meant is the Carmina Crocodile skin from the belly too?
what part of the crocodile/alligator are they from? they are very wrinkly.
Becketts, Rothley and Chambord
I concur with that general advise. Quite a few pairs of 5.5s.
Zapasman, you need to understand that the only price that a store like BE sets is in £, the currency conversions are not set by vendor, but the banks and credit card companies. While it does saves you to google the conversion; all the price conversions are only indicative at best, I usually google the conversion and add 10%. At the end of the day, all payments are charged in pounds anyways. If the price is good after you google and use a conversion calculator, I would...
The exchange rate is whatever your card charges on the day, the site currency converters usually underestimates anyways. I don't see why that is your source of compliant?
Quite a lot of shoes from Bespoke England, just kopped 2 pairs
spot on, semperexcelsius and dddrees
Nice pick up, I find this J&M last much better looking than AE.
Crocodile boots are MTO, which you can order from port phillip via customisation.
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