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I have Chuchs in both F and G UK 6, F is more like AS 109, G i need to put in an insole.
I don't have a pair of Connaught, but the Consul is rather rounded, and the Church shoes are good value if you can get them on discount, which happens a lot more than C&J shoes.
wow, the threads go in between the leather! didn't know that, and that explains the bulging in the leather around the apron.
thank you for your explanation, can you elaborate on tunnel stitching?
Yes, I meant the apron. it's goodwear welted.
Shetland Fox from Japan
back from a brief trip to Japan, while their english shoes are overpriced at expected, picked up a pair of Shetland Fox in a Regal shoe store; since it's next Strasburgo shop I went to visit for EG. For 1/3 the price, gold museum calf on a more G&G style last which I prefer, happy outcome for a last minute shopping. I wore it for the rest of the shopping day and a long flight back to Sydney from Osaka. I quite like the handsewn apron details, but I want to ask: how does...
Ready to board plane to Japan´╝î Osaka Tokyo! Merry Xmas
A light polish of the case, bracelet and bezel will be included, as I was trying to squeeze as much value as possible, haha.
They sent it to Hong Kong, and have to wait for parts from their Swiss Manufacture.
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