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B q Yang on king St
Joseph's and Suitshop in the strand
30 to 45
No appeal to me.
Hell no, got one allocated from work.
got the iphone 6 today, even the 4.7 is a big increase in size compare to the 4 inch screen of iphone 5
Enrico Santi carries Loake and it sells them at a very reasonable price. Shop is at 370 Pitt st.
no better socks for insoles will make poor fitting shoes better, you most likely wearing poorly fitting shoes, in another words its shape isn't designed for your feet. Buying more expensive shoes will not help if the fit doesn't improve.
why? I would agree with Oli2012, RMWs are the most comfortable shoes I have, and I have the leather soled version.
Side seam on balmorals appear on high end shoes like Cleverleys, would you call them ugly too?
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