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My first big purchase since marriage, JLC Ultra Thin Perpetual. I was keen to get the silver dial with SS (boutique only) before, however, no boutiques on Australia, and I was impressed by how the black dial looked in real life. When comparing the silver dial WG to the black dial, I was surprised to find that white on black is easier to read, which is in contrast to the general understanding that black on white is easier? anyone else experiences that? Also good on JLC...
that is some shocking news! I got an email from him as recent as the 09/10, asking how was my shoes....
Baytwenty3, thank you, topies lasts 4 to 5 years depending on how often you wear your shoes. I stop topying my shoes since my shoes don't get much wear now days, i have a big rotation.
nice, a lot of opportunities with the field boots!
How about a CS field boot in with a Cognac Calf upper and a Chocolate Suede shaft? the colours would be the same as below Looking like
8 is required
fungamer, just wait for the polish to dry, and no need to polish the shoes after just one wear.
easily achievable with polish and elbow grease.
2 pairs ordered, hope Mrs Wurger wears them....
GMTO Carlos Santos Calf/Grain is up now! GO Leaves
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