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@AaronC I learnt to let some things go by, a lot less to stress and worry about.
what's wrong with the 2nd look? Nice and clean look, I actually prefer that to the first pic.
Positive input from the Remy is what I love from Suit Shop, you want some one as a trusted advisor and guide ur decisions, not simply an order taker.
@skeen7908, brown lace up look odd with distressed jeans? I would have to disagree on that one. So what footwear do you think it's not odd?
so immature, that slowdive, why bother posting when you just going to edit and hide what you have written ....
@Slowdive, FH had it all thrown at him before, I do think you are over reacting on his comment.
well, I thought the exact same thing, you are very very skinny...The suit fits fine, I would personally prefer the pants to be longer and fuller. Skinny pants on skinny legs, makes you look even more skinner...
feel free to have a few more rounds of close inspections on your shoes, and report back on more issues...
Well put, simple
Yes, that is why the fit for a leather jacket to your body is of the utmost importance.
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