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no, the laces don't need to be fully closed, a small V should be there. Also, how your lace your shoes will affect it too. I recommend use Straight European Lacing. http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/straighteuropeanlacing.htm As long as you are comfortable, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
i am pretty sure he is joking
I agree credit cards increases the cost of doing business, however, it should also increase the revenue coming in, so it's an investment to the business. There is 2 sides of the equation to profit and loss.Taking your restaurant example, myself tend to look for and visit restaurants that take cards, or even a surcharge for the card, because I don't like to carry cash around, especially coins from changes. Yes, it does cost more to have a credit card facility, but they get...
nah, Vass should think of this as more payment options, means more opportunity to reach out to more customers, so the extra fee incurred by using credit cards will be offset easily by more revenue from more sales.
Yes, but not as secure as online banking transfer. None the less, I used the credit card method in my last transaction, it's just easier, and may be less fees. I used an attachment instead of writing it straight in an email, not sure if that helps to be honest.No idea about the cost of transactions for bank account and credit card transactions either, haha. may be someone in the financial sector can help.
Yes, still an email process, which involves you emailing your card details.
Hm, strange. but vass should really add shots from different angles in the future.
Yeah, that's probably because you went to to the site a few times, doesn't show up on mine, I have been on it 3 times.
well, googling vass shoes doesn't bring it up, have to remember it. haha
anyone can provide some insight into those 2 questions?
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