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Probably close to 2cm, but how does the rest of the shoes feel is lot more important.
Oxfords suppose to have a V opening when they are new, the facing will close up a little bit as they break it. And make sure the heel cup holds your feet well. and make sure use this type of lacing, it does the job best. http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/straighteuropeanlacing.htm
The best watch travel case I have got is the Longines ones, like a tube glasses case with a foam holders inside. The VC one I got is a leather pouch, not good for watches that have a rigid bracelet.
Got my VC Oveseas back today! I think only 10 weeks compare to the 18 weeks quoted!!
Vass has relatively high instep
40 in U, 39.5 in F. Had 40 In F too, works with a pair of insoles from Vass.
Ironist, if you are a UK 6E for EG and GG, I would suggest go for Euro 39 for Vass F. Even that may have too much of an instep, but Vass has lovely round heels that should hold your feet well.
nah, Chris Go introduced me.
It's MTO.The golash back closes on the inner side of each pair.
Bestetti Shoes
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