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Interesting historical background. Never knew shoddy came from an actual fabric. Thank you.
Fair comparisons are needed across the entire forum, but I am sure Munky didnt mean to turn this into an Alden thread
For its price, I find Loake 1880 very good, in fact, the capital last looks very similar to the C&J 339 last.
you would always ask for a discount where possible, I was thinking 15%-20%.
Great insight and information as always, Dino
I agree here, the FP 1185 is one of the finest movements out there. Though newer movements with power reserve of 60 hours would be handy. I wasn't in the watch market back then, did Daytona's price go up significantly when Rolex went in house in 2000?
from the interview back in 2012, Juan-Carlos Torres of VC mentioned that VC is moving to inhouse movements for all except for keeping Lemania. He mentioned time frame of 2 to 3 years.Since the auto chronograph didn't come out this year, I guess it will next year.http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/interview-juan-carlos-torres-ceo-of-vacheron-constantin
Post less, read and think more
That is a standard model, Inverness.
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