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If you mean take in for a warranty repair, or service, that will not be a problem.
My first suit trousers are ok, but found the suit sleeves very tight especially in the forearms, leading to a lot of creases.Being a tailor, I just asked them to let them out, and keep the measurements for my next commissions.Give feedback to them, and work together to get a good fit, takes around 2 to 3 suits to get right, provided that you don't change your weight.
how about try for just right? unless you going for ready to wear.if can't be helped, a little more room is always better than too tight.
I much prefer the older one with the big date, and don't like the curve where the bracelet is connected to the case on the new one.
36-40 mm all the way for non sports watches.
Since I have 3 watches away on long service leaves, haha, I am down to 4 watches currently. I always wear the one watch continuously for a long period of time, like months even on the weekends, then due to some random reason or occasion swapping out to another watch, and repeat that again.
the owner used to post on this forum quite often.
Here is the official reason:"This name was chosen in 1974 because that was the date when we began exporting watches. Earlier, the brand was called Dong Feng (East Wind) but that was not very international, and it also had strong political implications. (Mao had given this name to a number of companies following his anti-occidental slogan of “the east wind blows stronger and longer than the west wind.”) We wanted an English name and the seagull is a bird capable of flying...
Yes, that is correct.I didn't notice it initially either, but using the crown as the reference point, it's easy to see that the watch it's an off-centre design due to the size of the tourbillon. The watch is 40mm wide and 10mm thick, which is quite small and thin for a tourbillon watch.Looking the the dial face straight on, since the nine o'clock marker is on the curve, it's tilted. Same can be said about the 12 o'clock marker, the X is longer on the left side, but the II...
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