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The Harry Rosen outlet in Heartland ( Mississauga, Ontario ) is loaded up with BRAX all the time. You might want to give them a call. If they have what you want I might have sometime to ship them to you if they won't.
Spoo Drooling over that tie like everyone else. Can you give us more details on the tie ? RL Purple label ? How old is it ? Looking through the web trying to locate a similar one.
Interesting but my summer weight socks never slip but mysteriously I get a whole near the ankle or on the sole of the foot. I still love how they keep there color and elasticity.
I'll gladly take a Navy in Small size Thanks for your effort.
Interested - See PM
Blue in a Small depending on timing. Thanks
Other than allupurinol on a regular basis ( maybe try a higher dose ) try to get your hands on Tart Cherry concentrate and have a teaspoon 1-2 times a day. Many years ago I bought 2 jugs online from a cherry farm in Michigan. It proved very helpful. Check with your doctor first but another proven method is when you have the attack to take colchicine every 2 hrs until you get the runs...then stop. Also high does of prednisone can really help. Please check with your doctor...
Material is 100 % Poly (out) / 100 % Cotton ( in ) Navy on the outside and Grey on the inside. Similar to attached photo. Thanks
Post 2 for PM
As a previous poster mentioned. Are you considering getting lapis-lazuli stones ?
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