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Chest size - measured from below armpit to armpit is approx. 35" - Glad you caught that. I had it correct on my paper. The buttons are not functional.
Thanks for bringing up this tailor. I used to go to Maxwell's and have given up on him 2 years ago. This might be a better alternative.
$975-$875$750 This is the same jacket being sold at YooX... This beautiful lightweight jacket is perfect for the Spring and Fall. Brand:Brunello Cucinelli Style:Rolling Three-Button Sport Jacket Color:Brown Material:48% Linen, 32% Wool, 19% Silk Lining:Partial - 100% Cupro Weight:Spring/Summer Weight Features: Rolling Three-Button Front - Four-Button Sleeves - Dual Vents - Slit Ticket...
They are a size 10 Usually the show the width size after the "10" but in this case they don't 36D LOL you're confusing bra sizes
Friday works for me.
Seller never mentioned it was authentic either. Spoo is Spot on !!
Don't you find the prices radically different. I have a few items right now in my Italian dreambox which sometimes show up on the Canadian site but at double the price including the exchange difference.
To avoid this in the future can anyone recommend a better service or courier that is more dependable for shipping from Italy ?
Why would you need Hunter Boots downtown TO ? You have the PATH everywhere and our winter is getting milder each yr. Seriously though i only see females wearing them ( and they are a pain to remove )
E-mail member name Fullb He posted this picture last year sometime and could shed some light.
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