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Does anyone know what shoes are included or excluded to purchase using the 40 % off.
That was the answer from the sale rep I spoke too. I did notice the shirts and the few blazers I tried on did say made in the republic of china. The materials are beautiful and probably woven in Italy and the styles are more to my liking than Brooks Brothers.
I went to Suit Supply Yorkville today ( Sunday ) and the store was quite busy. Still managed to look around and ask staff questions when required. My first impression when I walked into the store was..." many things are Brunello Cucinelli look a-likes". Nice displays, Nice colours, Lots of space to walk and try things on. The staff is very helpful in determining the proper style that will fit you. They do have alterations done on premises at an extra cost. As another...
Nick, Do you know when Got Style in Toronto will begin to carry the line. The sales people have not heard of it and neither is it on the floor. Thanks in advance
Was eyeing a sport coat that was 25 % of $1000. Only to find out thursday it will be 20 % of $1000.
Dalton. Walnut Calf Size 10 Price check please.
Patriot Penny Brown Burnished Calf 10 Strand: Walnut Calf NEW Walnut with Tap Sole, Bourbon Calf 10 Price check please.
I'd love to know from where. Been looking for Ferragamo boots online for awhile. In any case my size is a 10 Ferragamo it is a 9US....tried the 8 1/2 and it fit but too snug near the forefront. In Tods, Prada, Ferragamo I am a Hugo Boss 10 Good luck.
Can anyone shed some light on the duty charges and method of shipment Meermin ships to Canada.
I tried on a few BC jackets in the same size today and measured 36", for the chest.. This jacket is nothing out of the ordinary. Just remember it is unconstructed.
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