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Bump for reducing price by $15!!!
These Cassium sunglasses are unique and stylish, and known for costing $145 (check out the still-attached price tag). But you can have them for just $80.00 and free shipping and handling (for continental US only, a regular shipping fee for Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii)!! It's quite the steal, gents. These babies have never been worn and come with the original leather case and box. I ask for paypal only and send it as a personal payment por favor! Thanks for...
Quote: Originally Posted by randob300 Is that a tin of Altoids? yessir
Hey guys, I'm running a contest on my blog (http://www.cefashion.net) that I think might interest you all! It's kind of an unofficial cross promo thing between AXE Hair and AMC's Mad Men where, if you win, you receive a cigar box (yes, a mahogany one) full of swag. Here's a pic of the contents: Just something to keep in mind: while AXE body products are crapola, AXE Hair products are pretty decent. But the real value is in the box, the tie, etc. anyway. The rules...
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent Ah Silverlake......... 14" on a 32 waist= not skinny. Quoted for truth.
Really, Men.style.com? Come now...
Waaaay too short and not terribly exciting. Maybe replace the buttons with gray colored wooden ones if you got the time and pesos.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr Sand Hmm... First I must say that I really like the design - yet more for a pillow or some other luxorious accessoire made of silk. One cannot pair it with a suit and a shirt the traditional way. I don't think it will look good with other conservative suit styles like a white shirt and a navy suit. I'd rather wear this tie with a brown sportcoat (to repeat the brown tones that are in it) and raw denim (for the blue tones...
Thread delivered. Pain and hilarity.
Quote: Originally Posted by water I have a few different models in mind, but this one will likely win out: That would even work with black shoes I reckon.
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