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Hi, is this still available? Thanks
Could you please post measurements? Also, what's the wool blend ratio? Thanks!
Hi, is this still available? Thanks!
Can you please post measurements? Also, is this melton wool or kersey? Center vented? What condition? If you could provide better pictures, that'd be great too. Thank you
I'm curious, how is this a drop 8 when the waist is a 34 and the jacket is a 40? Am I reading drop wrong?
These are a great pair of Zanella Devon trousers made in Italy and Super 120s. The color is a classic black and the wool is a mid to heavyweight wool that is perfect for the Fall and Winter. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'll try taking better pictures and uploading them. Thanks I'm happy to ship outside the US provided that buyer pays for shipping
Still available?
Light blue still available?
Still available?
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