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This is a great John Varvatos Mainline suit that is at least half canvassed and the fabric and construction are great. It was originally $1,800. Shipping to CONUS included. Please PM for a shipping quote. One of the belt loops is loose (as seen in one of the pictures). If you have any questions, please let me know. Here are the approximate measurements: Shest: 20.5" Shoulders: 18.5" Sleeves: 24.5" BOC: 30" Pants unhemmed Waist: 15.75" Leg Opening: 8.5"
Ben, as you know, I love your Benjamin suits. I was wondering if you will have anything slimmer than the Classico II. The Classico II is similar to the Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald fit and is moderately shoulder padded. Are you planning on on having anything with minimal to no shoulder padding. The best fitting suits for me are Theory suits, but their fabric and construction pale in comparison to your suits. For reference, I'm a 40 suit size, but my waist is a 32-33 (I lift...
I have a NWT charcoal Isaia in a 40R. What's your budget?
What's your budget?
What's your budget?
I'll see what I have
Are you looking for a lightweight wool or cotton suit? Or a year round wool?
What's your budget? I have a charcoal 38R Isaia, but it's in the $1500 range (or best offer). I may have some other gray suits as well
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