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1. Great looking and luxurious Luigi Borrelli shirt in a 15.5. I'm not sure what the pattern name for this (herringbone?) is, it looks great! $150: Measurements: Chest 40" Between shoulders 15.75" Length arms 25.5" (measured from shoulder seam to end of cuff) 2. This is a striped Ralph Lauren Black Label shirt in a 15.5. $150 Shipping is included to CONUS. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'll try getting measurements up this weekend. Thanks!
Retail on this is $425. I'm selling for $150 with shipping included to CONUS. I'm also open to trades. The shirt fits trim and is great. I'll try getting measurements tomorrow. Please let me know if you have any questions. Here they are at Neiman...
Thanks. These pants are great. I'm surprised no one has bought them yet
Sold. Thank you!
These pants are part of a suit set I bought (the slim Bedford model). I like the suit jacket more and will be keeping it, but the pants are too tight and I am looking to buy a more medium grey flannel trouser. So if you have a high quality medium grey flannel trouser and want to trade, that'd be great. This is a true size 34 waist and the pants are a very hefty flannel 100% wool. They're slim (I do some serious leg workouts, hence, why I can't keep them) and I got them...
Tough as nails yet downright soft, this Umatilla fabric offers the warmth of wool in a medium weight that can be layered comfortably over cotton. Best of all, Umatilla wool shirts are machine washable. Open collar with lined band, pattern matched pocket and rounded bottom. 100% pure virgin wool woven in our American mills Machine wash Imported of USA fabric. Rob Roy Plaid pattern. Shipping to CONUS included.
These are great sweaters from Woolovers, a British company. They make awesome sweaters and the prices are a steal. I bought a bunch of sweaters from them and decided not to keep these particular pieces. Shipping to CONUS is included. If you buy both sweaters, I'll give them to you for $65 (you'll save $5). Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
That's a nice boss
New Posts  All Forums: