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Nope, I got it from AE online. I've been trying to sell the dark chili shoes for ages too. I'm keeping the oxblood for myself
They're actually dark chili, I have the oxblood haha (they're both great, but I need something other than brown in my life). The oxblood and dark chili are very similar, the dark chili has more dark brown in it though. It's actually hard to distinguish with an iPhone 5S camera haha
These Daltons are back on the market: http://www.styleforum.net/t/515969/new-in-box-allen-edmonds-dalton-wingtip-boots-8-5d-dark-chili $250 OBO Thanks
Gorgeous green sportcoat with brown windowpane pattern in size 44. This sportcoat is unstructured and is 100% wool and has horn buttons. 85% wool, 10% cashmere, and 5% silk. $450 OBO. Here are the approximate measurements: Chest: 44" Sleeve: 26.5” ( 1” to let out) Shoudlers: 20” Length (boc): 31.5”
Vest and green sweater have been sold! The jacket is remaining. Thank you gentlemen
SOLD!!! Thank you gentlemen!!!
Yup here are some:
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