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Beautiful NWT Finamore shirts in a 15R. 1 shirt is a solid white while the other is a gingham pattern. Each shirt is $150. Here are the approximate measurements for both shirts: Slim fit Spread Collar Hand details though out the shirt Chest: 20.5" Sleeves: 25" Shoulders: 17.5" I'm happy to accept returns in case the shirt doesn't work out for you so long as the tags are still attached and the shirt is unworn. Shipping within CONUS is included. Please let me know if you...
Great Cucinelli casual shirt in a cool polka dot pattern. It's a double barrel cuff with a spread collar. Shipping within CONUS is included. Thank you gentlemen Approximate Measurements: Shoulders: 18'') Chest: 20" (armpit to armpit) Sleeves: 25.25" (shoulder to end of cuff)
I was visiting my local Saks and came across some amazing sportcoats that were part of the Saks housebrand. They're made in Italy and I asked the associate who made them. He said the made in Canada coats are usually by Samuelsohn and start at like 900 while the made in Italy coats that start at $1,200 are made by Isaia. I checked the label and it said Napoli. I forgot to take a picture of the label. Is isaia making some of Saks housebrand items again? The quality of the...
Thank you
This is an amazing and extremely hard to find Tom Ford 100% cotton midnight navy peacoat. This piece was worn by Johnny Lee Miller in Sherlock. MSRP is about $3,900 for this coat. Returns are accepted at buyer's expense and provided the coat has not been worn and tags are still attached. Shipping within CONUS is included. Approximate measurements: Shoulders: 20" Chest: 42" Sleeves: 27" Length: 32" Thank you gentlemen and please let me know if you have any questions
They're both unworn and still have the tags on. My tailor suggested I wait until the fall season arrives since the company might make the same sportcoat. It's a Luciano Barbera piece btw
Thanks for the insight. I was thinking a tailor could take out the flaps and sew the slit shut and just patch around it. The tailor I asked is my local laundromat so I don't think she does things more complex than hemming, etc.
Quick question. So I bought a sportcoat in a pattern I like. However I love patch pockets and the same designer has the same sportcoat with patch pockets. The sportcoat with the patch pocket is a size 44 while I'm a size 40. Would it be possible to take out the flop pockets from my old sportcoat and to take out the patch pockets from the new sportcoat and install them into my old sportcoat? I asked a local tailor and she said it's not doable.
NWT Daniel Cremieux shirt in a nice oxford cloth and button down collar in size medium. This shirt retailed for $250 and features thick mother of pearl buttons. I haven't opened up the shirt to see where it was made, but I think it was made in Portugal. $100 and shipping is included within CONUS. Here are the approximate measurements: Armpits: 21" Shoulders: 18" Sleeves: 25.5 Length form BOC: 31" Thank you gentlemen and please let me know if you have any questions.
If anyone is interested, I'm selling my pair of Church's chukka boots that were unfortunately a half size too large. They've only been worn twice:
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