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recommend regular fit straight leg denim in black ( i want it really dark black)
IMO this to work: need sleeker haircut, need not wrinkled trousers, need dress boots (not so bulbous toe). i would untie the belt, or make it not so tight because it highlights wide hips
Weird guy cut. Tagged size 34. Used. Weared ~10-15 times. Gained weight and are now too tight, so i have to sell them. Measurements: Rise:27cm(10,6") Waist:94cm(37") Thigh:32cm (12,6") Knee:22cm(8,66") Leg.opening: 20cm(7,9") Price:75$ Shipping EU:10$ Shipping USA:20$
Hi i'm from Europe and i'm going to order Alden 975 through proxy. So there will be no ability to return if the size is wrong. Should i order size 9,5D? I wear: Wolverine 1000 mile boots US9,5D Clarks desert boots US10 Jack purcell US10.5 Redwings GT 9,5D (too narrow, tight) I would really appreciate any help, thank you.
Price drop:75$ Shipping to EU:10$ Shipping to USA:20$
Price drop:100$ Shipping to EU:10$ Shipping to USA:20$
Brand new, with tags, never wore. Bought from japan (really like these colours combination). It's tagged size XL, but it fits like European version size L, so it's to small for me, have to sell it. Nylon lining, warm plaid inside the hood, hood removable, can serve as a standing collar jacket. Atmos logo embroidered into the left sleeve. Measurements: Lenght:73.5cm Chest width: 57cm Shoulder width: 48 cm Sleeve length: 70cm Price:150$ Shipping to EU:10$ Shipping to USA:20$
I bought Saphir Renovateur. Is it enough protection for shoes to use only Renovateur or do i also need to use Saphir Cream Polish on top of Renovateur? Shoes are : guidi black, wolverine 1k brown
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