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Do you all welcome discussion of the Currency and Futures markets?
I don't do politics, but DAMN...that's probably the most logical criticism I've seen of republicans.
I concur with the previous poster. Look into ETFs. The good thing about ETFs is that you're not limited only to equities. There are ETFs also that bet on commodities and currencies.
If you're thinking of getting an MBA to expand your current business, you'd most likely be better off just hiring someone who has an MBA.
The base salary is $64k, but his bonuses could double or even triple his base salary.
See....bullshit like this becomes an issue when you have too much government intervention in a society.
These conspiracy nuts give the government way too much credit.
Equality in America, my ass. This country is setup so that any group of people who has ever experienced any social adversity have a smooth ride down East St. I'm a minority and even I don't think that's fair.
Majority of the people on my friend's list are my family, and they say some pretty stupid stuff. They're so pro-Obama, but when you ask them why, they only support him because he's black. Then when you hit them with some political and economic facts, they wanna make it sound like you're ashamed of being black. Fuck outta here.
See why we should outlaw religion worldwide? They just keep giving us more ammunition for the cause.
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