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Do you all welcome discussion of the Currency and Futures markets?
I concur with the previous poster. Look into ETFs. The good thing about ETFs is that you're not limited only to equities. There are ETFs also that bet on commodities and currencies.
If you're thinking of getting an MBA to expand your current business, you'd most likely be better off just hiring someone who has an MBA.
The base salary is $64k, but his bonuses could double or even triple his base salary.
To be honest, I think networking will help you out a lot. Put yourself on their radar. There's a course called "Breaking Into Wall Street" which explains this, along with other tools needed to break into Investment Banking. You may want to check them out. Also check out:
Never have, never will. I can't see myself going to a place where I look down on people who work in there. Besides, I have no problem getting a female to dance on me and fucking afterwards for free.
That doesn't even make any sense. If you paid once, that means you paid for whatever you receive already. How can they charge you extra for what's not eaten?
That's how I know you're a loser. The fact that you'll try to assume the worse about my personal life just because you can't hold your own in a debate against me. What's even more ridiculous is the fact that you'd compare tipping in a restaurant to supporting my family. You're a sad individual and a sore loser, pal.
I could have sworn I was talking about America....which you knew. But since you can't show me any American cases of that sort, you resort to purposely going off the subject. You lost, pal. Take your loss and go home.
I think only an Asian guy could get away with that.
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