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Three pairs of trousers on offer, all 32 waist, all gently (if even) worn: 1) PS Jeans -- dark blue, slim fit, 33.5 inseam ($60) 2) J. Crew seersucker -- blue/white, cuffed to 33; never worn ($20) 3) Club Monaco -- tan/light brown plaid cotton trousers; side button tabs; 32.5 inseam ($10) Pics to come. All prices include shipping in CONUS. PM me if interested/questions. Thanks!
Greetings all, It's been a while since I've been at SF, let alone sold some things, but circumstances are such that I need to move some stuff, and I thought this would be a good place to find buyers who might appreciate decent merchandise. Before posting everything, however, I thought I'd gauge interest in some of the pieces. Feel free to message me if these are interesting to you: 1) a Covert coat from Cording, velvet collar, size 40. Worn just a few times over...
Apart from a strategic purchase or two, I have completely stopped buying clothes. And it's killing me to see all of the great deals out there!!!
FINAL markdowns! Charvet: $90 Hilditch: $60 Pink: $45
Markdown on the seersucker: $70
Markdowns: Hilditch: $70 Charvet: $110 Pink:$60 All shirts are in excellent condition, and were worn only a handful of times!
Markdowns: Hilditch: $80 Charvet: $130 Pink: $70
The measurements are as follows: 1. 19 1/2" 2. 23 1/2" 3. 20"
A few more shirts for sale... 1. Hilditch & Key red/blue stripes Size 16 L, spread collar, french cuffs. Made in England. $90 2. Charvet, green/blue stripes Forward collar, french cuffs, size 16 L. Made in France. Probably worn 4 times in four years. $140 3. Thomas Pink, casual blue check with white collar This is from the new-ish casual collection. Button cuffs, red contrast stitching. Size M. Worn one time, as it is too small for...
For the trad aficionado, I offer two items from J. Press. First is a seersucker sports jacket, size 40 Long. Worn a handful of times over the last five years. Three button front, natural shoulders, undarted. Center vent. Made in the USA. $80 includes shipping in the US and Canada. Next is a forward point collar dress shirt, navy strips, button cuffs, size 15.5 x 35. Made in the USA. SOLD Both items are in excellent condition -- no tears, stains...
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