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if u feel u got it in u go for it. i started a startup, actually 2 failed b4 this one, and yet, its risky...if u need a constant paycheck i dont suggest it, but if u have debts, loans, family to feed, etc and cant get $5m invested, keep ur job.
Quote: Originally Posted by eml4sker I choose A and am very happy with the decision. Almost everyone I know who works in law is miserable. Several people I know in law are trying to get into P/E. School is overrated. (Both b-school and law). What is a-side? good decision regardless! hf is the best route in my belief, b/c i love investin!
Quote: Originally Posted by Octoberfile B.S. in economics, then economics again in grad school, then accounting, then I got a CPA. Now I'm old, tired, worn out and very sleepy. CPAs are useful--however, sometimes you gotta get them to look at the realistic value of assets that do not confirm to GAAP rules. That's where the real investing genuises are!
Interactive Brokers is great, I know some who use it, there is a minimum and it's more geared towards professionals. love it!
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