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Good point.I emailed them and they got back to me super quick:
crap. i gave myself a couple days to pontificate on the cognac cordovan longwings and now they're gone. meermin hasn't repeated a MTO group, have they?
I got these on eBay. They were listed as "light brown" but don't look like the light brown on the site.
Finally got my Meermins today. Very pleased.
Suitsupply Roma, Ledbury shirt, Ledbury tie, grandpa's old pocket square, Pantherella socks, AE Strands. Excuse the rumpled shoulder on the jacket for the self-shot. Need to learn how to take a self-portrait with my camera!
JCREW has updated their sale to be 40% off final sale with code SHOPHAPPY UNIQLO is updated to have a code for $20 off $50 with UNIQLOAPP20
Mel, Thanks so much for your great assistance in the Georgetown pop shop--glad I finally had the chance to check out the shirts in person. I have to say I am really impressed with the fit, quality, and service. The slim fit is definitely the best off the rack option I've had yet.
I've had some good finds at Nordstrom Rack ($20 Nudies, $270 cashmere Loro Piana Samuelsohn blazer), but this might take the cake. Surprised it didn't get flagged as a pricing error. I don't wear these kinds of shoes though so I will give them to my dad (who happens to be the same shoe size as me) for Christmas. Excuse the piss poor cell phone photos. They are AE Maxfields.
Dang didn't expect the Marshall's episode to spark so much law controversy. Either way, I guess the worst part of the matter is that it is indeed debatable.. Anyways, the discount gods have been good to me since. Picked these up at Nordstrom Rack in my size; $250 is the original price, I assume $125 was the intended outlet price; got them for $20. I know they are just Nudies, but I just needed a pair of raw blue selvedge denim since all my others have crotch rips...
Dang...interesting. Worst part is it was the cashier who called up presumably the manager.I thought about being abrasive but realized I had little to gain to pound down on some middle-aged man who's just a store manager at Marshalls. Or the high school cashier. Blazer had a weird chest pocket structure anyways. I was kind of hesitant to even try and purchase it but I figured $50 was nothing to lose...maybe next time (hopefully there is no next time for that situation).But...
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