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sold out. 70 minutes...
finally got those longwings. 3rd time's the charm.
Sorry I never got back to you (I've missed out on the wingtip cherry cordovans myself...twice). I hope you found the answers you were looking for--wouldn't be surprised if they popped up again.
Japanese Cordovan Double Monks up. Going super fast.
That's a good perspective, and you're absolutely right. Thank you for being half-full--seriously.
...i missed them again!!??!?
Good point.I emailed them and they got back to me super quick:
crap. i gave myself a couple days to pontificate on the cognac cordovan longwings and now they're gone. meermin hasn't repeated a MTO group, have they?
I got these on eBay. They were listed as "light brown" but don't look like the light brown on the site.
Finally got my Meermins today. Very pleased.
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