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Quote: Originally Posted by lenahan The JPress employees are considerably older than most BB employees, and they have been nothing but kind and courteous. However, I often find in stores selling big names, like Tourneau, the staff has a chip on the shoulder--as if they are better because they are selling (insert big watch name, big clothing label, etc....) They seem to be around the same age to me, but I agree, I always had better service at...
I've had similar experiences at certain BB stores on occasion. I couldn't help but think it was due to age as well (I'm in my late 20s). BB definitely has older sales associates than most apparel stores. Some are nice and incredibly helpful, others seem bitter and stuffy.
Sperry makes some limited editions that can give you a bit of uniqueness. Bourbonbasted is right that they have been a little played, lately. With loafers, I'd add Donald Pliner to the mix. IMO, those are quality shoes that have been popping up on the flash sale sites lately. Keep your eyes open.
Quote: And my #3 gripe is guys wearing cell phones, PDAs, and Bluetooth headsets as alpha-male accessories. You mean a cell phone holster/belt clip isn't cool?
A pet peeve - spread collar dress shirt with a big white t-shirt underneath.
Nice web belt. Any details on that piece? Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Similar to last fit and feel better about it since it's more casual.
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