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Hey, just wondering if anyone has any experience with All Saints leather jackets. I don't know what size I should get. I'm normally a medium but on the size chart it says a medium is a 38 chest and large is 40. I have a 39 chest. Also it says the model is 6'3" and a 36 chest wearing a medium. Which I can't even fathom cause I'm a pretty slim guy, I'm between 6'1" and 6'2" but 39 chest. Should I get the medium or large? I asked one of the all saint customer service reps...
Okay, so I ordered these chino's from Jcrew, they are a 32 length because that's the size I wear my jeans. Anyways, these seem a little short to me, or maybe I dont know how chino's should fit because I've never had any. Could I get some opinions, are these too short? First picture is standing and second is sitting down.
Hi, just wondering, can a derby shoe be worn casually? If so, what are some good brand, I dont want to just blindly start searching. Not looking to spend a whole lot, would like a casual derby, brown leather for about 200 dollars or so.
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